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Thread: nerve pain

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    I am a complete c5 quad. I take 3200 mg of neurontin 30 mg of morphine twice a day and 10mg of valium at night. I also have a baclofen pump and there is still days that I can't handle the pain. I have a big problem where if somebody drops even a coin sometimes my pain gets worse I was wondering if anybody had the same problem? I was also wondering if anybody has gotten a pain pump and if that helped? I use to be on a high dose of baclofen and it didn't help until I got the pump that's why im asking about a pain pump. Sorry for posting the questions on your thread its just that im preety new to here and didn't know where to start from.

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    Again, I want to thank everyone for their input. I just started using the 25 mg of Amitript. It has helped me sleep better at nite. I take it at 5pm instead of 9pm. I have found out I don't have the groggy feeling in the morning.
    The last person asked about pain pumps. I really don't know but one person on a baclopen pump. That helps him but still has pain throughout the day.
    It is just amazing how many different drugs we are all on. I know we are all different but you would think the drugs would be at a minimum for varieties. These drug companies are winning in all ways.
    Hopefully, the mission of clinical studies will help chronic pain and someday get all of us back on our feet.
    I wish you all a very Blessed upcoming Holiday season.
    Best Regards,
    Joe Monte

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    Hi JoeMonte, I have tried a lot of pain killers and not much ever worked. Over the years the pain has subsided some and is tolerable. The most important thing is getting that good night sleep. What I found worked was a drug called Ralivia Tramadol 200mg. I take it 30 mins before I want to be knocked out and I wake up feeling great. Just like anything else though you get immune so what I do is take it 2days on 2off cycle, works for me.

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    JoeMonte, glad your new regime is doing better for you. I have swapped my night time amitript for nortript. the change was suggested by the doc, I'll see how it goes.
    you're right about drug companies being the winners, we are just such guinea pigs.

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    hey Joe,
    I deal with the same issue for a long time and i truely believe but not 100 percent sure but i think meds is not the solution but the bed could be it. I also need sleep and pills dont help but i feel that when i do sleep i tend to lay on one area to long and it effects my nerve pains like crazy.. someone told me to try the Alternating Pressure Mattress
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    Noise and also interruption of my field of vision are troublesome. I am C5 also, so your situation is interesting to me.

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    Hi Joe
    I take Gabapintin also for nerve pain but it doesn't work. I have problems with the pain in my feet and hands and at bedtime it gets worse. Sometimes after the pain i get really hot. Not sure what else they can do.


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    Do we feel or do we have feelings ?

    Hello I am jeffrey paul. I suffer from Autoimmune Diseases including peripheral neuropathy, diabetes type II, vitiligo, and I know I'm missing one. I take a cocktail trams 400 mg a day this was my first pain relief meds after Aleeve couldn't help me anymore. The next was Neurontin I got up to 3200 mg a day I felt Like I was in a cloud and I ended up moving and only told the new doc 2400 mg. I ended up moving a short distance and heard about a clinic and by this time my pain was out of site. When I met the greatest doctor in the world I told him the truth I had decided if he couldn't help me I was going to put myself down like you would a dog who is suffering. He put me in Elavil 4 days later I had no pain at all NONE !! Over the next year the pain came back we upped the dose but it wasnt doing it anymore. Now I am back in Arizona and got lucky I found another caring doctor she thought Lyrica might be the way to go so did my doctor in Illinois. I just started taking Lyrica after waiting 3 months after stopping the Neurontin "detoxing". I have only taken Lyrica about a week now and its an awful Drug I need aids to walk around no balance at all, Headaches !!, feet are swelling, and my breathing is hindered. I cut the dose from 50 mg 3 pills a day to 1 pill every 16 hours. I am going to wait a few more days but I think I need to go back to Neurontin but up the dose to 3200 mg plus pray. I have only told everyone this because its best if you know all the story than bits and pieces. I guess what I was wanting to ask is am I right to stop taking the Lyrica ?? If I can not adjust to 75 mgs in 10 days this might not be a good drug for me??
    thank you for any help, jeffrey paul

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    It took me over two weeks to get past the Lyrica strange stuff. In combination with tramadol, I get relief. I take 50 mg lyrica 3x a day and 50mg tram 3x a day.

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    Jeffreypaul, I can fully understand where you're coming from with your comment about putting yourself down like a dog who is suffering I'm at that point in my life right now a pain is unbearable and consumes my every waking minute. I tried gabapintin in the past without success and recently was given the fentanyl pain patch but it hasn't done anything except increase my anxiety which has me thinking more about ending it all. . On my next appointment I wanted to see about trying lyrica. .

    Lonecoster, you mentioned you use lyrica what is the strange stuff that took two weeks to get over? Lyrica is expensive but if it's something that might work who cares. .
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