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Thread: nerve pain

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    I want to thank all of you for your input. I am a T-10 Asia "A" complete . I have no spasms. I will ask my Doc for some of the above recommendations and try them.

    Does anyone take more than 3200 mg a day?

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    quad79. If your md is uncomfortable with prescribing pain meds, you would be better off seeing a pain management doctor. It is good to get established with one when you are feeling sort of okay so they get to know you.
    When I complain that I am on too many meds ( narcs, lyrica, elavil, ambien, celebrex) my pain doc reassures me that I am a real 'lightweight' and not on that much stuff.

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    hey, I've discovered this great sleeping pill that really works!
    It puts you to sleep and you don't wake up until morning. i don't even change position for pressure relief, lucky I've got a good mattress!
    Called 'Stilnox' here, it may go under another name elsewhere, but the drug is Zolpidem Tartrate. I also take my usual combo of pain meds.

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    arndog,thanks.A pain dr is on the list to be seen,lol.I saw one before my sci for lower back issues & he pushed injections.I now remember life was pretty sweet with those nerve blocks.

    Joe,by no means did I mean to high-jack your thread.I truely hope you find relief.I forgot to mention in my lastpost that some people here have switched to Topamax.I hear it's safer than the Gabapentin/neurontin plus doesn't have the nasty weight gain,swelling & fog side effects.These people are in less pain & @ healthier weights.

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    Partygirl - Zolpidem is generic Ambien. I , too, find it very effective. (and cheap)

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    Ambien give me hard-core hallucinations in my sleep and nothing pleasant. When I was in the hospital once they gave me Ambien because trazodone only works for about an hour and a half, sometimes two hours, and I guess I was screaming in my sleep. I can't remember the dream but it was terrifying. Now I take trazodone and keep a couple of Xanax for when I wake up and once in awhile I'll get six or seven hours of sleep but usually just five hours. As far as pain meds, I've been on them for so long they don't do a whole lot for me anymore as far as my central pain goes but they do help with my back and shoulder pain still, a little bit at least. I'm taking Percocet, a bit stronger than the normal ones, 10/325. That means 10 m of oxycodonel and 325 mg of Tyleno. I've tried just taking oxycodone but it's not as effective as the Percocet. I've taken everything else including OxyContin and methadone only to have them lose their effectiveness after awhile and I was a total zombie. I feel much better dealing with the pain and clearheaded. Wish I could do more to help you. Not much really helps with nerve pain. Good luck getting it taken care of. I highly recommend a specific doctor for your pain management. It's helped me greatly.l
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    Make the best out of today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Nobody knows that better than those of us that have almost died from spinal cord injury.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeMonte View Post
    Does anyone take more than 3200 mg a day?
    Joe, I don't have first-hand experience but I have been around for awhile. I cana tell you that SOME people do take more than 3200mg, in a few cases significantly more when it's used for neuro pain. I'll also mention that it makes a difference which version of the generic you're using as to how effective it seems to be for many people. The one I had heard the best things about is no longer produced, so you'll have to figure out that one on your own. Neurontin may or may not be the solution for you. It's something you need to find out for yourself, working carefully with your doctor. Neurontin is a serious drug. Actually take the time to read the handouts from the pharmacist and keep an eye out for side-effects.

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    I have taken 4800mg of gabapentin. At the higher dose I started feeling more of the side effects. I was taking it with other pain medications.

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    I take 600 mg lyrica and use tramacet for breakthrough, but I am not getting much relief. I was thinking of going on somethig else any advise
    My injury is at L3,L4.L5 and sciatic nerve damage to all yhose areas

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    I am a C7 quad asia a with chronic pain and I take Avinza 120mg which is slow release morphine. It seems like it helps but has been working less and less the longer I have been on it. Recently medical marijuana passed here in Michigan and I got a card so I could legally try it for pain relief. Not only does it work for my pain, but it helps me feel like stretching and exorcising which also helps my pain level. I know marijuana is illegal in most states, but if you live in one where it is legal, I would highly recommend it! I mosly use a vaporizer to administer it, but do smoke it occasionally. I also take 40mg of Baclafen daily for painful spasms. 10mg twice daily and 20mg at night before bed. This program doesn't take my pain away, but definitely helps me to live with it.

    I don't know if marijuana is an option for you, but it really seems to work good for me so I thought I'd mention it! It's also good for boredom and depression for me!

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