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Thread: My PCA wants a pay raise

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    My PCA wants a pay raise

    From $15 an hour to $17. I pay her out of my checking account, then my long-term care insurance policy reimburses me.

    She shows up every day, monitors my skin meticulously, makes my breakfast, cleans my room, gives me the Magic Bullet, etc.

    In my gut, I believe she deserves a raise. But I wanted to consult with the CC crowd before I dole out more dough.

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    how long has she been with you at 15 dollar rate? and you think she is doing a great job yeah?


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    thats a hella increase! Most companies give an average 3% increase. Thats what? 15% or so? (just voicing an opinion.. I do not know the going rate)

    EDIT : going with the rest of the gang.. is she worth it? Economy has been pretty sucky lately.
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    All depends. How much is she pulling in working for you? How many hours does she work? Does she have to travel a fair distance and pay for fuel, bus tickets, etc.?

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    all that matters is "does she deserve it ?"

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    I have really great PCA's for 10.00 per hour. If it is worth it to you and you pay it then more power to you. Right now there are a lot of people looking for work. This is not the kind of economy to be demanding a raise in. Just remember everyone can be replaced.
    I think your attendant must think that she can not.


    PS My attendants do all you have listed that your aide does. I give them bonuses when possible. One has been with me for over 10 years.

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    She has worked for me for six months.

    She takes a bus from her home about 5 miles away. Then she cleans houses for two-income yuppies after leaving my house.

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    Uncle Peter: The rate where you live for self pay is between 20-30 an hour, 30 closer to the NYC area. I would try to get her to split the difference.

    In the future when hiring, you might want to put in a 90 day evaluation day with a 6 month review to follow that for a pay raise. This will show that you are treating the job as impt and serious. It also is a way to avoid pay increases after just 6 months.

    No offense meant to the folks in Texas but the going rate for PCA is much lover than on the East Coast and in major cities.
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    30 dollars an hour off the books/out of pocket?
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    Uncle Peter,that a huge increase only after 6 months.Geez,what will she want yearly?It's up to you though if you feel she's worth it,luckily you get reimbursed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Liz321 View Post
    30 dollars an hour off the books/out of pocket?
    Yea really,yikes.Private pay sucks.

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