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Thread: Question for Steve or other programmers

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    Question for Steve or other programmers

    I had noticed that no matter what html I used to avoid people from getting my source, it would still be visible.

    The last poem I posted in reference to my son's dad having had a TBI I used an encryption. Don't know how much it might help but was wondering if anyone knows how to prevent or avoid others from getting your source and possibly even changing it to their benefit. I had the special dedication poem written for my grandbaby, Yasmine, changed and the copyright with my name taken off by someone. It hurt since it was written with so much love to my sweetie and I never expected it.

    Does anyone here have any suggestions or ideas as to how to deal with this problem aside from the legal system?

    Any help will be appreciated.


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    Hello Raven,

    I believe you have a cable Internet connection and I want to know if you are using a firewall?


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    Couple of things. One the encryption of your source code does prevent someone from stealing your HTML, but you also need to code your pages so that viewers can't select the displayed text on the page. I suspect this is how your work is being stolen, not from the source code. Even though viewers can't de-crypt your source code, they can still select and copy your text right from the page.

    Tried to take a look at but the site appeared to be down.


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    Sorry BlkDiamond. My site has been down for quite a while. I am presently using a homepage with If you would like to see the poem I encrypted, you will find it at the following link.

    I have changed the name of the file which was used for my grandbaby. So it no longer is accessible to anyone except for myself.


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    You can put a 'no right click' script into your code, but that can easily be overcome by simply downloading the page and opening the source.
    An encryped source and no right click would work better, untill someone opened the page with an older browser which doesn't understand the no right click command.
    Would keep 'em fishing for a bit though.

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    I'm asuming it's the text you want to protect, not the HTML. HTML source isn't like the source code to Windows or something.

    I suggest using a paint program's text tool and writing your poetry on an image, then watermarking the image. That still won't stop someone from retyping it.

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    Jim's got a good point-
    Make it into an image, and do something to the image such as in small text as a border "blatantly stolen from _______"

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    Thanks for the suggestions from all.

    You are right jimnms, it is the text of the poetry which I am trying to protect. I used the wrong wording, not trying to hide the html. I will be trying what you have suggested with the image and the text together, using my Paint Shop Pro program. Hopefully, it will help.

    BTW, Chris, I loved the cam idea on your site. It's a great idea.


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    Get Photoshop & slice your image... if a person tries copying the pic, they'll need patience. Also use diferent directories (preferly on diferent servers). It wont stop'em from stealing, it just makes more anoying and hopefully not worth the hazzle.

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    Better yet, put a fixed table with a transparent .gif to repeat on top of the image, this will save a blank file rather than the ral thing

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