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    "contract" terms

    There was a previous post with sample contract terms posted by the SCI nurse. I cannot locate it. Can anyone point me to it?

    Additionally, you can substantially protect yourself by having a specific "sit down" discussion with your new caregiver, explaining that if said caregiver finds anything that you say, do, or have in your home (for example pornography on display) offensive in any way that you need to know right away and that they should feel comfortable doing so. Following this discussion, the both of you are to sign a "sexual harassment" policy confirming in writing that this discussion was understood and took place.

    With this in your files, you are substantially more protected against allegations from a disgruntled employee of the opposite sex, though same-sex harassment can occur as well.

    There are several templates I came across on the Internet and I will keep you all apprised when I find one of interest.

    However, it is a double-edged sword and if you're hiring off the books, everything you and the employees sign bind you to that relationship. So be forewarned.

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    There are sample contracts in these books:

    Avoiding Attendants from Hell:

    Managing Personal Assistants, A Consumer Guide

    Here is the link to the previous discussion about this:

    Below is also a sample that I have from a ILC that unfortunately decided to take their excellent manual off line a couple of years ago. The entire manual is too large to download here, but I would be glad to email it to you if you want to send me your personal e-mail address through a PM here.


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