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Thread: Medicare kicks in Monday--new chair/crutches?

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    Medicare kicks in Monday--new chair/crutches?

    Do I get one?

    How often do walkers get new crutches? I know it's every 5 yrs for a chair, but how often do we get new walking devices?

    I am only 2 years post, do I qualify for a new chair as well?

    Now that I am more advanced, I can definitely feel I am in need of a re-eval.

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    Unless things have changed you will need to get the crutches first. Once you get a chair, they won't go back to crutches. Sounds weird I know. They will purchase you items as your conditions worsen, but if your condition were to get better you SOL. So crutches, walker, manual, power...But if you got a power chair to start with, you'd never get the others if you needed them from medicare.

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    Good info - I didn't know that - thanks TexasWhelz!

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    I had crappy Medi-Cal for 2 years then got Medicare automatically and since then...I got hurt 3/4/04...medicare sept '06...and NOTHING...they ordered me a TiLite chair with EMOTIONS that has been in some warehouse getting DENIED since 2005 Interesting too since MediCal paid the $8000.00 for this chair yet Medicare won't pay to fix it! The medical care in this country SUCKS ASS! I wish someone would just run over me...then at least I wouldn't have to fight for everything!

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