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Thread: why do my hips feel crooked?

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    why do my hips feel crooked?

    i feel uncomfortable sitting all the time. it feels like my hips are crooked. why?

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    Maybe they are.
    I'm T12 and also feel that way. My left hip is slightly twisted forward. When I lay flat and pull me knees up with feet flat the left knee is higher than the right. Stretching helps a lot. I haven't found anyone who knows how to fix it or why it's like that.
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    Have you been evaluated by a PT recently? If you have heterotopic ossification in a hip [like me] it will definitely make you sit crooked.

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    Lay on your stomach an hour every day, that is helping and that is the advice we are getting if we have a break from PT. Or use a stander.
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    I have hip alignment issues, too. (T12). My left side is so very much stronger than my right, my left leg and hip stays 'tucked' under my torso while my right leg 'thrusts' forward a good couple of inches. I use a 4 chamber Roho to help, by pulling myself straight and locking the cushion which really helps control my twist and keep me straight. That and lots of lying prone and stretching in the opposite direction of my twist.

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    I agree with zero, you should get it evaluated by a PT. There may be something you can put in place now to prevent this problem becoming worse. I feel like my hips are crooked as well but mine is a result of slight scoliosis, maybe you could have this ruled out as well.

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    Pelvic obliquity (where you sit more on one ischium than on the other) is commonly associated with scoliosis. It can be a major cause of skin breakdown, and also a problem with balance and comfort. A good seating clinic can evaluate your seating, including pelvic obliquity or other abnormalities to see if a seating solution can help. Sometimes for scoliosis (if it is that) bracing may be needed, and some require surgery.


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    I have a public obliquity in my left hip where it sits lower than my right one. I have it from a little bit of scoliosis in my back and it makes it very difficult to get comfortable either laying down or sitting up because I also have arthritis in my left hip. The way we fix it instead of using embrace is with the Roho Quattro cushion. We unlock the cells and I get comfortable in it and then we lost the cells back up. That lets me get straight and is comfortable as I can get. Hope this helps
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    It sounds like you need a really good seating assessment. In ONtraio I believe you are entitled to a new assessment at least every two years and ADP in Ontario will pay for this. I don't know what it is in other provinces.

    You are about 2 years post-injury and your body may not be fitting your initial seating assessment properly. The seat and back you are in now was probably done when you were at or coming out of your rehab. Your lifestyle and use will have changed significantly from the likely reserved approach of being a new wheeler in 2007.

    Hope you find a good answer to this.


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    Go see a chiropractor before worrying about anything drastic, including custom seating ($$$$). My pelvis gets out of position every so often, especially after multiple uneven transfers, twisting to disassemble my chair from my car, etc. It's very likely an easy adjustment.

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