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Thread: First time home buyer

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    First time home buyer

    If you receive dissibility and you purchase a home in 09 will you get the $8,ooo tax rebate for first time home buyers

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    everyone receives the 8k first home buyer tax rebate
    my neice bought a house and got it
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    cool thank you so all i do is just have my taxes done when time comes around to do that but i dont work

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    You can go to IRS website to read more about the first time home buyer rebate.

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    yea i tryed that and dont see info if you rec. dissibility and dont work if you will receive it or not

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    It would be a good idea to call H&R Block or another tax place to ask this question. I don't think that anyone here would be able to tell you certainly unless they are in the same situation. If you are married and file a joint return you will likely get it b/c of your husbands work. If you file independent IDK how it works...sorry.
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    It doesn't matter where the source of income as long as you and your spouse are the first time home buyer.

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    ok cool thanks

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    Dont forget to check with you county tax office for reduced or removed taxes for disabled home owner. Not sure what form to tell you to look for, but I know we have them here in Tx.
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    Anyone can get it.
    Unfortunately I bought a house in 08. I got 7500, but I have to pay it back. I'm always a day late or dollar short.
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