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Thread: Wheelchair Bodybuilding

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    cool I have things on your tube but they are all for my car. I will set one up for BB.

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    Thumbs up New group for us.

    This is a place for us competitive WCBBers.
    I created it and moderate it.
    Only members can veiw or post in it.

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    Got told today while working out at gym. "You should compete." As my wife and I told the person my story and history, we noticed the whole free weight side of the gym stoped working out and grouped around to hear about me. That was a asume feeling and got better when the complements rolled in. wifey grined from ear to ear.

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    very cool bro, check my post in the "what Workout" thread.


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    How I get on a machines. (post workout, done for video)

    Here is last rep burns at end of workout.

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    Cool videos buddy.Put some weight on
    Be yourself!!!
    BMF Sports & LiftWithoutLimits
    Sponsored Athlete

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    I'm at 70# per side right now, and weight keeps jumping up fast with muscle memory and all. Won't be long and I will be at 100# per side mark.
    I'm a WNBF Pro Wheelchair Bodybuilder with national sponsors. Any questions feel free to ask.

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    Calling all you 100% natural WCBBers please get involved in 100% narural comps with the INBF. It may fade away if we don't get more involved.
    That will be one less option we have.
    Hear is a show with a wheelchair class. I will be doing this show.

    2010 INBF Central USA Natural Bodybuilding, Ms. Fit Body and Figure Challenge
    April 10, 2010
    North High, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
    e-mail Brenda Rahe at to request an entry form.

    Must be 7 years drug-free and possess a valid INBF registration
    (cards avalable at door).
    I'm a WNBF Pro Wheelchair Bodybuilder with national sponsors. Any questions feel free to ask.

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    Great vids, Rich. Thanks for posting them.

    Who makes the binder you're wearing?

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    The blue and gray is a body sling. Helps over all suport, and the belt is just a cheepy from walmart.
    I don't were a belt anymore that my body is back used to lifting. In mater of fact my Schiek belt is around the back upright nubs of chair backrest tubes as a backrest. I took the full backrest off for shows and getting on equipment. It raps around the 4" pipes just above the seat. (it is off here for pic)
    I'm a WNBF Pro Wheelchair Bodybuilder with national sponsors. Any questions feel free to ask.

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