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Thread: Received new TiLite TR

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    Received new TiLite TR

    I have finally recieved my new chair. Let me note that in the picture below I am not done adjusting the chair, the back angle is back a bit too far, I will probably bring the foot plate up just a bit and the COG needs to go back. I moved the COG once but I need to get the back set before messing with COG anymore. (The COG is 2.5" in the picture.) I did move the casters to the bottom hole for a little more ground clearence, I am very close.

    I spent the day in it yeasterday and today I am back in my old chair because I need my lockdown for driving and wow, no wonder I have had arm issues! I knew my old chair was a tank and I would benefit from a new chair, but I really think the is something wrong with my old chair, it just doesn't move in comparison.

    I ordered Push Blacks to try and went to have them installed Saturday, but I was sent the wrong set. So that'll have to wait.

    SCI_OTR has mentioned before a slight complaint that TiLite will do things without notifying the customer first; I ordered 1" Rear Wheel Spacing and it came with 1 1/4", due to the arm rests; I am fine with it, but contact would have been nice.

    I need to thank all on these forums for all the help, it has been invaluable; I post these pictures not only to share but for the possibility that it may help others as I have been helped.

    Tiite TR
    · 17 wide by 17 deep with 16” upholstery
    · 19.5” front stf
    · 16” rear stf
    · 17.5” – 20.5” adjustable back (set at 18” in picture)
    · 2” taper in front
    · 80 degree front
    · 24” Spinergy’s
    · 4” casters on Frog Leg forks (I plan to get Frog Leg alum casters)

    Old chair - note: the front angle is 60 degrees, but I am sure it measures more because I lowered the rear seat height, which causes the front to kick out too.

    Demo chair - note: it is a 80 degree front, but 6" casters were added to get the front height up, so it actually measures slight over 70 degrees.

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    Looks good!

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    Congrats dude. Yeah you look a little too laid back. Other than that, it looks like a good fit.
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    You're lookin' good, Brian! Congrats! Looks like a great fit. Smart thing, waiting to adjust the back before more CoG tweaks. With the back adjusted up you may not need to move CoG back. I only mention this because overall wheelbase has a significant impact on the chair's agility. Moving back will lengthen and may slow it down a bit. Have fun dialing it in perfect for you! Again, looks great, I'm glad you got what you wanted and need!

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    Thanks all.

    I'd love to keep the COG more forward as is because, as you say Dale, it keeps the wheelbase shorter and I like where my arms fall in line, but it is so tippy right now that I can hardly move without going back on the tip tubes. That said, obviously bringing my back more forward will help, some.
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    nice ride, now dont wait another 10yrs for your next new one. i still dont get those ugly ass arm rests rep
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    Here are a couple pictures of the chair itself...

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    Congrats Briann, now you are sitting in good stuff, that`s perfect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by totoL1 View Post
    Congrats Briann, now you are sitting in good stuff, that`s perfect.
    Amen Toto...I wish I would have gotten those fendered side guards you suggested though.
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    tighten that seat sling, its really sagging, u may bottom out on the bar rep
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