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Thread: 'new' chair

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    Smile 'new' chair

    I just won a used invacare Allegro w/c on E-bay! It's 16x16 & $9.00, plus $125 shipping. Did I do good?

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    if that's what you wanted, sure.

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    Yep - it's what I wanted, I think. It's light weight, folds up is 16x16 & 18 off the ground. It even has some kind of guard on the spokes so I won't keep skinning my knuckles!

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    Good job Coleen. I hope it works out perfectly for you!

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    I just paid for my 'new' chair - it was $129 total. That's less than the used one I'm using now, that pulls to the left all the time, so I'm happy.

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    Why are you purchasing a wheelchair out of your own pocket when you are eligible for a good wheelchair and other DME through your VA benefits??


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    I'm still a category 5 - I'm elegible for medical & scripts, not DME's, so I was told by the social worker at American Lake.

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    I'm going to find out today if the VA is going to change my category from 5 to 4, in which case, they'll provide a proper chair & braces, both of which I need. Wish me luck!
    I still think the 'new' chair that's coming will be a much better choice for me around the house, but only time will tell!

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