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Thread: "christians" omg

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    It reads as if she was sitting just letting her mind wander and when that thought popped in she considered it to good to waste and sent it to you.

    A touch of dementia perhaps?

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    Idk what to say really.Like Mona said,we all blab unintentional remarks.I've heard many insulting,wtf kinda comments regarding my injury from atheists & christians.Unfortunately we hear them & group all christians into a bad light.I'm sure she didn't mean it to sound so harsh,surely alot has to do w/ her age & used God because He is her crutch in the world & meant it to be uplifting.I feel I'm trying to be a christian but sometimes those older ones can really get on my last nerve,so I know how you feel though.Like Scott said,just tell her.

    Are you now facing a nursing home though?

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    If god wants to put more people in nursing homes then why doesn't he fund them better? If you could have your own decent sized room, friendly, quality care and good food then for some of us it would actually be better than some alternatives. But we all know that God is terrible with money.

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    My grandmother is always saying that to me, it absolutely drives me crazy!

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    I used to excuse older people for making these remarks. However, since I am now one of the "older people," I now reject age as an excuse. Down here in the Bible belt, you are just as likely to get those remarks from "20 somethings."
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    Very true 55,I've heard it from younger people too.I just find it more typical from the older generation.My mil keeps telling me I'll understand her views when I get older & don't understand the younger people.I refuse to let age make me judgemental & condenscending.I guess I've experienced enough of that crap from my dad.

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    no, i am no where near a nursing home, which made this email even more incredible to me. neither is she. she's flying to japan for more missionary work in a few days. i did write back.

    this hurt in many ways, but 2 really stand out: 1) why would anybody think one would have less worries in a nursing home and 2) why do some ppl think a disability means a nursing home is a logical solution.

    well, i expected something better from this particular person. she's known me and my son for yrs...i feel like i've been punched in the gut.

    btw, i'm not trying to group all christians just hit me coming from someone who literally has devoted her life to god that she could say something like that. what happened to the concept of helping ppl out as a community? bit hypocritical seems to me. oh well, i'll get over it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mona~on~wheels View Post
    Well christians and non believers all make stupid remarks.
    Well, of course, when I lambast religious assholes, I'm not referring to anyone who's religious. There are many non-religious assholes as well. Having said that, non-religious people who're assholes are harder to box in because they don't claim to subscribe to any religious thought that they could perhaps be vehemently violating. Religious people are much like politicians in that they can so easily be caught in contradicting steadfast beliefs and values they espouse.

    Christianity is the predominant religion in the United States, therefore, it takes a harder hit than many other religions; but if Islam were predominant, we'd be just as vigilant in casting down extremists and hypocrites. We do a fair share of casting down Islamic extremists from abroad.

    There are many religious people who hold their beliefs to themselves, practice it faithfully without much show, don't try to push it onto others, and are also quite rational about what they say.

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    Cass, I understand how that made you feel. That's right up there with my Mom telling me I'm not praying hard enough to walk again. Oh, yes, she did!

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    or maybe she was just thinking that when the time is right a nursing home would be a place to think about to give you more help support and comfort to make your life easier...not now but at a later stage.

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