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Thread: My Dog died last night:(

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    My Dog died last night:(

    Bowie was almost 13 and she had freakin cancer. I know everybody says this but she really was the nest dog ever. She went everywhere I did, she was the main reason for getting a van, so she could walk up the ramp to go. When she was young she would dive to the very bottom of a 10 foot deep pool to retrieve a rock we would throw in. She was also a little jealous, if you were petting another animal she would have to but in to get her love.

    Again, everybody says this too but there will not be any more pets for me, just hurts too bad when their gone.

    btw, I did take in a stray kitten 2 weeks ago. Her name is Gracie-Sue and she loves attention. But after this one no more pets


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    So very sorry for your loss.
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    Oh I am so sorry. I lost my two old dogs last year - they had full lives, but it still hurts oh so much when they go. I have a tear in my eye remembering.

    Someone once said to me "Their love lives on in a puppy".

    If you are ever ready, I'm sure she would not be jealous. But it is way too soon for you to think of it, if you ever will.

    Again, I am so very sorry.

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    In time, the pain will be gone, but the sweet memories will remain. I'm not sure that there is a heaven for people, but I am absolutely positive that there is one for dogs.

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    Unless you have good reasons not to have a dog, ie travel a lot etc. get a replacement as soon as you can; I wish I had.

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    Oh I am so sorry.
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    sorry for your broken heart. hug that kitty!

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    My sincere condolences. She was a beaut.

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    Aww! I'm so sorry. Precious dog.

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    So sorry for your loss. Dogs give us so much and ask for so little in return.

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