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Thread: My extension cord caught on fire last night

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    Unhappy My extension cord caught on fire last night

    The electrical extention cord I had running from my big tv, blow fan, and portable heater caught on fire last night. It runs under my rug and plugs in the wall in between the recliner & love seat. About 3:30 am I woke up with the portable heater & tv off and they wouldn't come back on. So I knew the power strips I had them plugged into kicked the breaker switch off. I couldn't smell anything & my smoke alarm wasn't going off. I started to call Freddy my bil next door but hated to wake him up. So I tried to stay awake and see if there was anything burning. I fell asleep around 4:15 am. When Karen my pca looked the plug in & plug were both melted and burned off. Thank you Lord Jesus!!! God is an awesome God! My nephew Sammy fixed all the plug ins & made a plug by itself for the portable heater. He said it pulls alot and all those together on one plug was too much. I knew it wasn't the best situation. That's why I had it on a power strip. It did what I wanted it to but slower than I wanted. I didn't think it would catch on fire first. I'm so stupid to trust a power strip with my life. I'm very thankful God was watching over me.

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    Glad you're ok!

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    All's well that ends well. You now know what you need to do to stay safe. Nobody got hurt. You found another reason to praise your god. It's all good.

    An (over-simplified) good rule of thumb is not to plug any electric appliance that produces heat (heater, iron, toaster, etc.) as it's main function into an extension cord. If necessary to use an extension cord, use a heavy wire size and don't plug anything into the same cord.

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    Thank God.

    Your nephew is right and Foolish gave good tips. I would add not to run cords under rugs as they can fray and become a fire hazzard. Especially with the weight of the w/c. I don't know your home situation, but generally, it is not wise to go to sleep w/ a portable space heater plugged in and operating.

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    Agree with all of the above advice...

    Glad you are OK! Thank God is right!

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    Whew, glad you are OK Mona!
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    wow. are your cords plugged into a power surge strip which then goes into outlet? plz get one!

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    thankfully your ok, get another smoke detector for good measure,
    rugs and thin extension cord with heavy amps are both fire startes

    old building wire is hard to work around ,you really need extension cords going to different fused outlets.
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    glad you are ok Mona. Good tips on the cords and fire safety--some I had not have thought of.
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    Wow, glad you are OK Mona, but what a scary night! Definitely get yourself a heavy duty extension cord instead of a regular one and do not put it under carpet.

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