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Thread: Found some relief

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    Found some relief

    The past several months I’ve had neuropathic pain in my butt. Anal, and in the general sitting area. Like a bad case of painful hemorrhoids and/or how a/b peeps get sore from a five hour car ride, but worse. It gets to be completely unbearable, but goes away almost immediately if I get in bed or even my toilet seat. I’ve been examined by a specialist; no hemorrhoids or fissures, it’s definitely neuropathic and the worst of my ailments/symptoms, by far.

    So anyway, a little more than a week ago, I got an unrelated minor sore near my coccyx. I went to the wound clinic at the hospital and they gave me this can of TBC spray (trypsin, balsam peru, and castor oil). It promotes circulation and skin growth, and my sore healed up quick. But even better, this stuff practically eliminates the neuropathic pain in my butt.

    We just spray the coccyx area when I go to bed at night and when I get up in the morning. How that relieves (all day) very strong pain I feel in my anus and the rest of my butt, I have no idea. It’s weird, too, because it has kind of a delayed effect. There was one morning I had to get myself up, nobody here to spray it, plus I wanted to see if the pain came back without the spray. It didn’t start out too bad, but got worse and I got me some TBC early afternoon, and I stayed in bed for a bit. Later that night, I was even more pain-free than right after the spray. Then, I tried not spraying at night, just in the morning (to try and make this can go as far as possible), and that morning right after spraying was even worse than the day I got up without any TBC. It slowly got better through the day as the stuff worked it’s magic. But as long as I have some each morning and night the pain pretty much stays away completely.

    So this has been a long-winded way of asking about using this stuff long-term. Nurses, anybody: is there anything bad about using TBC on a daily basis? Maybe it’s just one of the ingredients--my mom knows of someone who used castor oil for pain relief following wrist surgery. But straight castor oil stays greasy on your skin and doesn’t dry like this spray does. I’m sure I’ll need a prescription, and I have no idea what it costs--I’m sure Medicare won’t cover it. But if I can get my doc on board and a regular supply going, I can stop taking this Cymbalta that doesn’t do much but make feel like a zombie.

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    They might be scigiants - I am happy for you that you found incidentally something that can ease the NP pain. I have no idea what the mechanism would be but that doesn't matter. It is topical and safe. If you do drop the Cymbalta, be aware that it too could be contributing to the lessening of the NP pain and it may come back.
    I am humbled by the NP butt pain. Yesterday, there was none, non existent and I had absolutely no idea why. Then today, it is back. Good luck to you.

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    In ancient rome the castor oil plant was known as palma christi ..which translates as the hand of christ. Castor oil is supposed to have many healing properties.

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    Not to get personsl, but when you say NP butt pain, are you describing anal pain, or pain in the skin around the anal opening or just to the area supplied by coccygeal roots? What is the geographical extension of the pain.

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    Hey Dejerine,
    The epicenter is the anal opening. The best description I can give is that "some one is stuffing a dry wash towel forcefully up my butt." Since I have no sensation below the waist, it is difficult to pinpoint. I imagine a target with and the burning pain spreads out maybe with a 6 inch radius with the epicenter being the anus. I don't mean to hijack this thread though.
    Hell, I will start bathing in Castor oil if it would help ! !

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    Hey this is a great news. I have been looking for some way to alleviate my butt pain and if it is just topical and doesn't involve taking pills everyday that's even better. This is the most important thing for me right now as far as the quality of life goes.

    I have a question though, after using this spray do you get pain relief even with sitting for a long time? Do u get complete pain relief or some amount of relief? What ur doctor says regarding the permanent use of this spray?

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    Well, the pharmacist said there are no precautions against long-term use and it should be fine. And the only reason it even needs a prescription is because of the Trypsin. I still have 3/4 of the can left, so it’ll last me another six weeks or so before I need another. To answer your question about sitting for long periods--if anything, it actually gets better as the day goes on. The only time it hurts now is sometimes in the morning when I get up, right after application. But like I said, it just gets better from there.

    Quote Originally Posted by arndog View Post
    Hell, I will start bathing in Castor oil if it would help ! !
    You should absolutely try to get some of this spray or even just try the straight castor oil. The past few months have been pretty miserable with this pain. I can't even describe how much better life is without it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by They Might Be SCI Giants View Post

    I went to the wound clinic at the hospital and they gave me this can of TBC spray (trypsin, balsam peru, and castor oil). It promotes circulation and skin growth, and my sore healed up quick. But even better, this stuff practically eliminates the neuropathic pain in my butt.

    can u pls suggest any source of this TBC SPRAY
    I m from india and i jhave the same problem of neropathic pain in butt area.

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    Hmmm....I think I might try mixing a concoction of castor oil and balsam peru (I have the essential oil on hand for herbal soapmaking). My level of deficit is L-spine (pretty much the whole dang L-spine) and I had been wondering if my butt pain was just a souvenir of the fixation surgery, or if I had an actual "butt problem". I have not been evaluated for CP, but it makes me wonder now if that's what that feeling is. It's at an all-day-ache with some acute "light-my-fire" episodes; positioning changes do not help much. Compared to my cervical & lumbar pain, it's only somewhat aggravatingon an on/off basis, so I don't think I have much to grumble about if it *is* CP-related. Most of my pain tends to be mechanical and neuropathic.
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    I wonder if anyone has checked into pelvic floor dysfunction. I am "going there" because of what Dejerine mentioned. Anyway, I had the whole host of symptoms you guys are speaking of and it wasn't until my spinal PM and Urogyn sorted it out. It IS nerve damage coming from sacrum and coccyx. I have problems at L4/L5 and S1 plus a broken tailbone. Anyway, and after about a year of this my PM blocked the ganglion impar and THEN I went into pelvic floor PT. I know, I know...I keep bringing it up. But I wanted to get to the source than to take another pill or mask what is going on. And, yeah, I know sometimes you don't have a choice and have to take a pill. Anyway, the PT is graphic and can be painful in some. Actually, it was painful the first two times I went. And then by the third treatment I was painfree and they teach you how to deal with it. Having said that, I had a spasm so severe yesterday (and after having a bowel movement) that I thought I would hit the roof. So, I immediately did what they taught me to do and it dissipated after about an hour. Anyway, just a thought and I do realize everyone is different. But like most I didn't know what the heck was going on except that it hurt like hell!

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