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Thread: need advise on using forteo

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    need advise on using forteo

    Hi, I am new and need help.I am a women c 5-6 for 34 yrs now. I am 50 now, not in menapause yet. I had a neg 3.8 bone scan in my hips. Im assuming my legs are bad as well. has anyone used Forteo and did it work? My Dr. want me to do 2 yrs of it and follow with Reclast shots yearly and weight bearing exersize. She said she had another patient like me and Forteo didnt work for her. Has anyone else had a neg 3.8 scan? I am worried and have read from others who have not had good luck with these treatments. I think its because we can't walk and get good weight on bones? How much weight bearing do I need to do? I cant stand. also, I have a complete injury, seems maybe these drugs work better on incompletes? Any completes out there having luck with these drugs? What will happen if I do nothing? Thanks, shirley
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