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Thread: Supra Pubic Cath, Bladder Pain

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    Supra Pubic Cath, Bladder Pain

    I’ve had a Supra Pubic Catheter for a dozen years or so. I get my bladder scoped now and then and it looks fine. A small area that looked irritated, probably from the catheter, but Uro says it’s in great shape.. Everything is looking OK and feeling OK, but a few times I’ve gotten really bad pain in my abdomen area. Like want to bend over kind of pain. I always at first think it’s a stomach thing because it causes gas, but then remember that last time it was my catheter. It’s draining fine, urine looks ok, no UTIs. But once I change my cath, the pain goes away. This last time not only was there pain, but I was so dizzy I could hardly sit up. I happened to have a doctor appointment yesterday and my BP was 71/4?. I’m a C5 complete, I thought I wouldn’t feel the bladder other than dysreflexia. I’m not sweating nor have a headache. Anytime I have a bladder problem (UTI, cath) it causes gas. Is this just the catheter hitting an irritated area or could there be something else? Thanks, Greg
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    I don't know why when you have a uti you have gas. or why you would be having pain r/t bladder.
    Are you having regular bm's? It does sound like a vasovagal rsponse which can happen with abdominol pain an causes a drop in blood pressure.
    Need to get some tests run and an x-ray.

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    Yes, my BM's are fine. I'm sure it's the SP cath, once I change it, the pain has always gone away. Although not this last time. The pain came back after a couple hours. As far as the gas, one uro told me any bladder irritation can cause abdomen spasms that cause gas. I just know anything that can cause dysreflexia on me causes me to get gas too. I think it's time for a uro check-up. Thanks
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    My sp cath is causining me pain, i feel i am leainking so some pee is getteing out. What can i do to fix this? Is there any solutinton?

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    Are you actually leaking urine (your clothing or sheets are wet) or do you just have this sensation? If you are not actually leaking, this may be a form of neuropathic pain, and would be appropriately treated as such with meds such as gabapentin if it is really a bad problem.


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