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Thread: What could spleen pain mean?

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    What could spleen pain mean?

    Something keeps catching and hurtng under my low left ribs. Anatomy book makes me think it’s my spleen. Any ideas?

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    Two cents

    I was given some great advice from a specialist last year after DX for a serious condition.
    ...."The INTERNET is a powerful and wonderful is also a place that instills fear and hopelessness to those who self diagnose"...
    I hope I don't overstep my bounds when I say that the best medical advice is from a Doctor you trust, whom knows ALL of your medical history.
    I hope you get your answer and have a speedy recovery.

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    No worries. I’m just curous if it might just be muscular or if I need to see someone about it. I had a similar sensation years ago when I had mono and secondary (non-viral) hepatitis, but I thiink then it was on the right, my liver.

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    go to a good doctor and get a illness started with pain in my spleen...was told i had an irritable bowel....turns out I had a tumour in my of many that grew inside of me, too late when they realised what was wrong. Because of the damage caused by the tumour I have constant pain in my spleen now especially if I do not empty my bowels fully.

    your pain near spleen could be something totally different....but just get it checked out by someone who will listen.

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    I think the best thing to do is either go to a doctor who knows your medical history or a gastroenterologist. They would most likely do some testing and help you find out what may be the cause of the pain you are having. Also, not trying to scare you, do it as soon as possible.

    Hope they have good news to give you and make the pain go away too.

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    It sounds more muscular to me but you should have any abnormal sensation checked out by a doctor

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    Could it be just simple gas?
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    I had similar pain in that exact area that started years ago, I think mine was muscular or related to my posture, it felt like I tore a muscle/cartilage in there or my ribs were digging into me. I had it checked out but never really got a good answer. It was really bad at first but eventually became bearable and it doesn't bother me as much anymore.

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