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Thread: Burst Fracture

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    Burst Fracture

    Hi what is a burst fracture of the spine, for example, I have a L3 and L5 burst fracture. Is it more serious causing more damage to the nerves than a normal break of the spine?

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    A burst fracture is exactly what it says. Usually caused from trauma, i.e. car accident, fall from distance. The vertabrae splinters with the slivers of the bone causing additional harm to the area of injury. The area needs to be explored and, cleared of the chards.
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    There is no normal fracture- there are several different types and yes, a burst fractiure is worse than a linear fracture.

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    Unhappy L1 Burst Fracture

    1 week ago I was walking down our stairs and missed the last step. Landed on both feet, and immedicatly felt everything in my back compress together and then went to my knees. the pain was the worse I have ever felt in my life. Was transported to AGH via medics and dx with an L1 burst fracture by ct. Immediately a MRI was done the showed no surgical intervention needed done to protect the spinal cord, I was d/c home 4 days later with an TSLO brace instructed to lay flat log roll to get into the brace and to limit time sitting and on my feet. That was about it. I am taking MS Contin 15 mg 2 every 12 hours ( this was just increased today due to a trip to the ed with uncontrolled pain. What can I expect from this? I was supposted to go Myrtle Beach with my kids on th 5th of August but have crossed this off my list. How long should it be before I can go back to work? Also what kind of deficates to expect

    Thanks you

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    I suggest you speak directly with your doctor, that would be best. Ability to return to work depends on many factors beyond the scope of this post and the deficits you will experience cannot be generalized. It depends on many factors as well.


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    is it true that a lumbar busrt fracture is on of the most pinful that you can have


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