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Thread: My best friend and her injury

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    You are doing God's work, for you are truely your brother's (friends), keeper. Bless you and yours.

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    You have a heart of gold.Friends are exactly what people need to help them fight,too bad not everyone has one like she has in you!Good luck to you both.Hopefully this is the last battle with sci.

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    Thank you guys. I don't see I am doing anything special just being there for a friend.

    I will find out the Asia levels I am not sure. After the first stroke she was completely paralyzed from about the belly button down. No sensation or movement. She was at Kessler for a couple months. Never had any return but she remained positive and just adjusted really well.

    Now after this one she has very little feeling in her arms, very little, she cant feel if someone is touching her but can feel some hot/cold. She has movement in her arms although they are very, very weak. She can't do much with them. Her hands and fingers are completely paralyzed, no sensation and no movement except for some reason in one thumb she has movement but no feeling. The Dr said there is little chance for recovery as with her legs.

    They are doing tests trying to figure out why she had two strokes they said it is very rare.

    She was in good spirits tonight, joking around. Thank you all for listening!

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