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Thread: I'm still here!!

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    Hi Geno, we're waiting for the holiday (halloween, thanksgiving, xmas) pics of ya'll, oh yeah and good to see ya
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    Geno, it is good to see you both still here and also helping in whatever way is possible to your friend and his son. It is hard to try and to help a newbie come to terms with something traumatic and life changing. Wishing you success. Am sure both of them will appreciate it.

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    Thanks everyone,
    We had some bad blood between us but we saw the error of our ways.
    Now we are focussed on his son.
    Any ways these are to make you smile.
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    Great pics Geno. Definitely smile makers!

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    Awwww how cute! Your girls are adorable.
    I'm glad you could make up and help him in his time of need.

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    Adorable.I still have no clue who Bryleigh looks like though.

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    Hugs to you Geno, your family is beautiful...
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    Geno, glad to hear that you are being supportive to your friend and his son. We have a family friend who is paralyzed and when my son broke his neck, it sure helped that he was there for all of us. The friend was my husbands coworker and he's a guy who does a lot, so it was reassuring to us that our son would have a life after his injury.

    You certainly have a beautiful family and thanks for posting their pictures! Smile makers for sure!

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    Thanks guys.It was strange to hear from him out of the blue.The girls are growing so fast.
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    Where have I been Geno?

    Those little weeds are growing up. Just look at those bows....I love it!

    Casey says that bows, crinlin, (the slip underneath the dresses that make them poof out) and lacey dresses should be child abuse. She hated them.

    Topanga is so girleee
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