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Thread: Money can't buy anything

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    Great post Beth, and Addi, you were out mowing the lawn, such an inspiration, I decided to do it myself. The grass was a bit on the green and long side, but my son,s living at home, ignored their mom when she said to do it on the weekend, I went out and did it, (OOps the drink carrier on the side was a new addition and it scraped the living hell outta my calf) I got done and have a bloody mess, down the leg onto the socks and shoes.
    You mom's are an incredible bunch of women, and deserve any and all the backing we can give ya, esp Addi, with the no good outlaws, ops, mean the in-laws. Keep up the good example, I'm showing the grandchildren "you just never give up, it's a pathetic sight".You go girl

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    You're a terrific woman and mom! I don't have much to add here, others have said it much better. You do more with your kids than a lot of AB parents. With that said, as a parent myself, I know how it feels to want to do "more" -It saddens me too at times.

    Live life and it will teach them lessons you didn't even know they were learning. You're teaching them to never give up w/o even realizing it. ((hugs))


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