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Thread: No handicap parking, no problem

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    Cool Gosishi vehicles

    I was about to Buy one, but didnt, The Only bad issue Is The Emergency deploy,
    Is at The other side of truck passenger side, there is no way that The Drivers cant reach. Is mechanical and If you get stock theres nothing you can do just soy and wait For someone to Have mercy On you and crank The thin out For you. Sorry I rather wait until They come Up with a solution that The Drivers can control it from their side. Even with 2 Batteries as a back Up. I dont like th idea of gettIng stock and NoT bring able to deploy My self.

    Before you Buy Check out, you litterally got to Have some one with you all The time, to Have peace of mind, and that My friends Is NoT worth buiyng gosishi at This time.

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    I understand what you are trying to say. Keep in mind that if the emergency deploy was on the side of the ramp it would be very difficult to get to if you are turned outward which you would be to drive. If you have a conversion van with a lift and were to get stuck in the middle while you were letting yourself down you still would not be able to manually let yourself down. also if you have a lift and were not able to lower it and you were on the outside answer me how would you get that ramp down, oh silly me some 1 would have 2 come do it for you manually. On the other hand Goshichi's lift can be done on the passenger side wich some 1 in a chair can at least start to let it down manually til some can come and assist you.
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