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    catch a call

    does any body here use catch a call or emerson switch boards device to get another call while online. do they really work? im thinking about dropping my other line and buying one of these. which one works best?

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    I have cable, so I don't know. If you have call waiting and a modem that supports the v.92 protocol, and your ISP supports it too, you don't need any extra equipment. With v.92, when you receive a call online, you can switch over to the other line to answer, this will put your modem on hold, and when you're done you switch back over and continue browsing.

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    Hi Julian - We used a service called Callwave. I think setting up the service was the first thing my son did the day he came home from rehab. Check it out at We had the charges come through our local phone bill. Only just stopped using it because we got a DSL hookup.

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