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Thread: phantom pain?

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    phantom pain?

    i have been a complete para for over a year now and have never had any real pain in my legs. but today my left foot started hurting and now my whole leg is in massive pain. it really freaked me out. it feels like every muscle in my leg is horribly cramped. my boyfriend massaged it and gave me some tylonal, and that helped for a while. but when he tried to stretch it, it made the pain worse. so i would just like to hear some input on whether this is just phantom pain or if i should get it checked out.

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    If your leg was gone I'd say it was phantom pain but since it's not it is a real pain. I hate it when a Dr calls it phantom pains.
    I didn't start having real neuro or central pain in my legs for the first couple of years so you might start having it but we hope not. It depends on what kind of pain it is.
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    you need to have this looked into to make sure it is nothing else asap

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