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Thread: what is life expectancy for quads ?

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    Next month will mark 33 years as a quad for me and I just turned 50.

    I know in my early years I didn't expect to live to a "normal" life expectancy but after that I didn't give it much thought. Then last November I broke my hip and began to wonder (actually got scared) if this was the beginning of the end. It has taken me a while to get over that fear but now I realize it was only an accident which could happen to anyone. I think I am in better health than a lot of able bodied folks out there (excepting the osteoporosis) and I don't see why I shouldn't be able to live on for a good number of years yet.

    I better anyway or my retirement plans will be wasted.

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    No offense to the OP or others but why worry yourself with this?Counting down your days left by the stats is so depressing.Plus alot of that depends on your quality of life.Worrying about the future & unknown is only going to stress you & bring you down sooner.Just enjoy your life the best you can & die when you die.

    Thanks for that pic of Jill KLD.I just saw that movie the other day.

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    I have a good friend who has been C-2 complete and vent-dependent for 40 years. He's still one of the most active people I know.

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    I think we naturally tend to focus on the effect that SCI has on lifespans, but I think genes and behavioral aspects weigh in just as heavily if not more so.

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    Ok...knowing you.. you hardly fit the bill of typical, or statistic...and believe what I tell you!!!! no DNF...LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbinny View Post
    Not gonna lie... those stats just made me sick.

    I know that there are a lot of factors that play into them and they may be outdated, but that was really just something that I didn't need to read right now.

    I am not sure why you seem so upset. Is it because our life expectancy is longer than you were hoping to go on? You have to understand that those averages are not only outdated, but are lowered by a significant number of SCIs who died shortly after their injury because of massive trauma or other complications. If you throw out the number who died within the first two years of their injury, even the outdated averages are substantially higher. I note that you are now going on three years and appear to be doing well. You are over the hurdle and can feel comfortable making long-term plans and investments. I have taken the statistics apart in court many times, and every other expert has agreed with my assessments. It is not reasonable to think those statistics apply to you.
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    Hi i think my life expectancy may protrude into the tripple digits here
    I am 1/2 way + to 100 and my positive attitude tell's me I have another 99 years ahead .
    My Statistics are based on un biometrical decimal algorhythms so I am pulsing my cyclitic basis on a hypothetical Guesstimate of the Sandman

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    I never asked what my physiatrist estimated my life expectancy to be until this year. I'm a c5/6 complete, 25 years post, injured in 1984 at age 16. I finally asked my dad what my physiatrist said when he testified in court during my lawsuit. He said I would live to the ripe old age of 65.

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    I just thought about this

    What if my Alien Abducted Twin is able to tellecomunicate via through the internet some alien Data regarding life expectations for my ol quad body lol ?
    Yes I was abducted by a UFO long ago lol ask the Green Martian hmmm the illegal alien ...>

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    hi....i'm a newbie to this site..i'm 46 now and 24 years post-injury and going strong..

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