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Thread: Help to ordered my Tilite zr

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    Help to ordered my Tilite zr

    I was a lot of time thinking in what rigid wheelchair I would like
    and I decided when I saw this photo in the forum that I want a Tilite, I can see that the quality of the wheelchair is excelent.
    Well I`m going to ordered in Sportaid, and the order is this:
    -Satin frame.
    -Package C
    -Seat width 16".
    -¿Tapered seat front? I DON`T KNOW
    -Seat depht 17".
    -Front seat height 19.5"
    -Rear seat height 17"
    -Seat to footrest 15"
    -Seat back height 14"
    -Folding back Std.
    -Seat back angle 92º
    -Center of gravity 2.5".
    -Footrest width 11".
    -Rear wheel spacing 1.25".
    -Camber 2º.
    -Front angle 85º.
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    Hello TotoL1 I also like you to order a stò TiLite ZR I think a good wheelchair and most of the users of this forum speaks well and recommend you take the color of the standard Satin frame but the photos that you have posted the color is Polisched and is paid but the Polisched is very good compared to satin I'm very undecided then I will put Spinergy LX rays with white edges and carbon brakes, put those scissors are undecided whether to put the protections of the frame and calf strap for ....

    look at this picture: the color ZR chassis and Polisched Spinergy LX with white rays what do you think?

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    the photo that I post it`s from the same wheelchair that your post, and it`s satin.

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    Nope, that's the polished finish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Pruett View Post
    Nope, that's the polished finish.
    as I say in my post right

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    Quote Originally Posted by stefano View Post
    as I say in my post right

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    The pictures don't do either of those finishes justice. IMO, The best photo of a satin frame is a post by fuentejps of his chair and the best polished photo is one of stephen212's chair, which he posted again in one of the recent tilite threads.

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    O.K thanks, I was wrong, but I see it now and it`s very expensive the polished, I think I going to try polished the frame with this

    The forks of the ZR are aluminium or titanium?

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    And what about the Tapered seat front if I want a Footrest width 11".
    What measure I have to give?

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