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Thread: Wife's Cervical Stenosis - Alternative to Surgery?

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    it would not say a SIGNIFICANT risk of surgery causing paralysis - more like a rare but possible complication.

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    Marilyn had the C3-C7 surgery on Nov 12.

    Have been out of touch since Marilyn had the surgery on Nov 12. They did C3--C7! Four levels, laminectomy, foraminectomy with spinal fusion. Titanium plate with 10 screws! Surgery went well, but recovery is the worst nightmare of our lives.
    She was in Rehab 79 days. They sent her home with a commode in a diaper unable to walk to bathroom. Long story. After 2 weeks of this she went back in Rehab. Now she is going to the bathroom in Rehab. Walking part way, riding wheelchair part way.
    They put a raised toilet seat so she can get to the bathroom on her own, even though officially she is on "one person assisted transfer".
    Just getting out of a diaper is the transition to being a person again. Recovery will take months. She is still weak when standing and needs rest. Taking much less pain med, sometimes none for 12+ hours.
    I feel such terrible sadness for her. Still, she is upbeat and is committed to making a good recovery and coming home. She says" "Everything will be OK, we'll be retired." Before she can come home, I will have to completely rearrange apartment for her to get around and get to bathroom at night. Sell some furniture, buy some furniture, move some furniture.
    Sorry for being out of touch so long. Thanks to all for their support.
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    Hang in there!
    Ugh, I've been kissed by a dog!
    Get some hot water, get some iodine ...
    -- Lucy VanPelt

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    Respectfully..She is blessed. Tell her keep her head up and work hard. Remember some people in this forum have no control of their bowel or bladder it will get better.
    Appreciate the small gains and the large ones will be ignored!!

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    Slow, but steady progress

    Marilyn is making slow, but steady progress in Rehab, practicing standing, walking longer distances, and getting to the bathroom. Thanks again to all for their caring, compassion and support.

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    I'm glad to see a happy ending. I had stenosis and didn't know it-a fairly mild fall resulted in sci because of it. Not sure I'd have had the guts for the surgery if I had known.

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