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Thread: If any new quads have questions

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    If any new quads have questions

    For any new quads who may be going through a lot of emotions or fear of the unknown or whatever feel free to ask me anything. I've been a C-4 quad since 1993 and have been through a lot. From nursing homes and their abuses to many other issues but now I live by myself and have been for about 3 years with the help of CAP Services and friends. Feel free to ask away.

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    Thanks for the offer. I know it will be appreciated

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    Hi coolquad, Nice to meet you.
    I wish I knew someone like you back in 2008 when my husband fell from a tree and broke his neck.
    It was so confusing and so much wrong information until he got to rehab.
    Maybe you could write an intro about yourself and how you got to where you are now.

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    Hey man, I read your website and what an amazing story. You should be filled with pride that you have managed to endure after facing such adversity, you are truly an amazing young man.

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    I didn't see the website until T pointed it out-will take a look when things quiet down over here.

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    Thanks, Acoolquad. You have a very nicely constructed website. Always nice to have the voice of wisdom and compassion in one package.

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    Hi Tony,
    Welcome to the Care Cure Community. It is always great to have additional resources and perspectives on this site. Every day, people suffer spinal cord injuries or medical conditions. While searching and waiting for a cure, care is key to staying physically healthy. Living your life well is central to good mental health.

    All the best,

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    You are AMAZING. We live in raleigh-durham, and have disabled friends (that we met here) down in Charlotte. When we go to visit them this spring, we would love to swing by and meet you, or all five of us meet up! PM me and I'll get you my contact info.

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    Welcome! I'm sure many here need you. I have a friend that was just put back into the system(c4-5) after a recent divorce. He isn't a US citizen(from Jamaiica on a sports scholarship when hurt) so he is stuck in the n. home scene again. He feels so isolated & me as well as his other quad friends have always been more fortunate so we can only offer so much support. He doesn't want to come here but I know he'd love to swap emails or calls with another guy that "knows". Will you please forward me your info so he can contact you?

    I think there's another n. home bound member here too, anyone remember his name? I'm sure he'd love the hope & inspiration you can offer too!

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