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Thread: Glide free transfer board strips

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    Still going?

    Quote Originally Posted by smokey View Post
    Just put my GlideFree Transfer Board Strips...I also trimmed the corners with a box cutter to prevent peeling where I wrapped it around the bottom side of the board . Anyway, it really does improve the ease and quickness of a transfer. This morning I transferred on and off my padded commode shower chair with a chux under my butt and I really had no friction at all....very smooth. Now I don't need to put any powder on the board to reduce friction. It's only a thin film of plastic-like material called "ShearBan" but it really seems to eliminate all the friction that occurs using a transfer board. I hope it's durable enough to last a long time. $20 for five 1" X 34" strips but if it saves your butt it will be well worth it.
    I hope I get a response, as I see this thread is old...I think I'm going to get some of these strips. Transfers are getting really rough, but the Beasy Board is heavy and bulky for me.

    Just to be clear, you stuck the strips from the bottom of one side then lengthwise across and ended under the other side, right? Then you rounded the corners after the strips were in place? I'm asking, because I'll need my aide to do it and I want to be sure we get it right. 😃
    Also, how do you find them holding up? Still going strong?

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    Need sticky bottom and slippery top. You can get tape with low friction top surface.

    My memory foam/gel cushion is in an HDPE bag which goes inside a stretchy cover.

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    I use the Tamarack strips now too, was able to buy them on Amazon. They don't work miracles but make all transfers easier.

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