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    Memory going going gone


    I have the ME edition and don't know how a few programs can use up 6.4 GB, whenever I delete programs to get more disk space; it will take away even more space than before. The program is erased and my memory loss is more than the program itself to begin with. where is all my disk space going please.


    david tippitt

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    First of all, don't confuse "memory" with disk space.

    Second, when you delete something, it goes to the recycle bin. Empty your recycle bin to permanantly erase it.

    Windows has a temp directory that it sometimes forgets to empty. With WinME I think it's in C:\Windows\Temp.

    Also check your cache settings if you use IE. It defautls to 10% of your disk capacity. That's way too much, you shouldn't need more than 50MB for a caching web pages.

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