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Thread: I'm seeking free web courses for the disabled

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    I'm seeking free web courses for the disabled


    Are there any good education programs, certification, or degrees for the handicapped?

    God Bless,


    david tippitt

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    Hi david... Are you looking for specifically computer related courses? Are you or have you attended college? There are many things out there that are available to you without cost, as well as scholarship and other programs that target and are designed for people with disabilities. ORS- office of Rehabilitation Services- can be one starting point, and their services varying depending on what your goals are. They can refer you to other sources as well. There are programs that may provide computer training (and related) without any or much cost to you. You just have to research and ask questions directly with the programs themselves. For example, the Art Institute of Chicago has a non degree computer design (and other web) courses with scholarships available for those with financial need.

    You should first (in my opinion) figure out what it is you are wanting to do and then look for the best programs out there that will best enable you to achieve your goals. Then find out how accessible (both financially and physically/structureally) the program is for you and how accomodating of your needs they are. If you are dead set on a certain program that is inaccessible, you will definitely have to become a staunch advocate for yourself to make sure you can fully participate and take advantage of what they have to offer.

    Sorry if this was a general reply to your question...but you need to really look into your local ORS office and Vocational rehab services to give you additional referrals/resources that are available there. DONT be limited to ORS though.they can be a GREAT for those who know what they want and are able to take as much advantage of the financial support..but they can be a big frustrating beauraucracy as well, only wanting to assist as minimally as possible and limit you from proceeding with YOUR goals. They tend to want to push you toward what THEY see is "suitable" for you (your disability). Computers is one, so if you are interested in that, then you already have an advantage!

    Best of Luck!

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    This may not be exactly what you are looking for but I will try to find some free programs.



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    The Internet offers an A+ education that will not break the bank! works like a portal: It has a complete list of online educational opportunities. Find courses, tutorials, and study guides on subjects ranging anywhere from the humanities to the medical sciences.

    These courses are great as a basis for a degree, to enhance your current knowledge, or develop a well-rounded understanding of a new topic. There is a small fee for some of the courses.

    This is the place to go if you're looking for a technical education. For $99 you can have access to over 300 IT training courses per year. Take advantage of the free tutorials to get a jump-start on your training.


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    On-line course can be a good SUPPLEMENT to whatever education you are seeking, but should not be a Substitute for a degree or certificate etc. I agree that it can offer a good jump start, by helping to review basic skills, knowledge of your area of interest, but there is still concern about credibility of many on line courses and the accredition of the programs. Make sure these programs are affiliated with well established programs and universities.

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    Thank you for your help on this topic!


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    PN, Just sharing what I can.

    David, this is from an article I'll post here. Also, this is chicago based, but scholarship may not be restricted to this area. I gave link below for you to check out. If you arent eligible, they may know of other similar computer programs that could assist you.
    By Alex L. Goldfayn
    Special to the Tribune

    July 19, 2003

    David Lam was born with muscular dystrophy--a condition the 19-year-old said
    "messes with the muscles and makes me weaker."

    But Lam deals with it.

    He deals with it by graduating from the 8th grade as valedictorian, and
    completing high school last year as salutatorian. He deals with it by spending
    about an hour on the phone each day to arrange public transportation to and from
    classes at University of Illinois at Chicago, and navigating his motorized
    wheelchair around campus between computer programming classes.

    Lam is a computer buff. So much so that he recently used half of a $5,000
    scholarship to build a 2.8 gigahertz, Pentium 4 PC to his exact specifications.
    The new machine includes a DVD burner, 120 gigabytes of hard drive space and a
    Zip drive.

    The scholarship was awarded by the Chicago-based 11-10-02 Foundation (named for
    the date of its official launch), which, according to its founder, Greg Forbes
    Siegman, works to "break down social, racial and cultural stereotypes and assist
    students with grants and scholarships."

    "Technology is very helpful to me," Lam said. "It's so simple and easy to me."

    So easy, in fact, that Lam recently "paid back" his scholarship to the 11-10-02
    Foundation by helping the organization rebuild its Web site,

    Lam worked on the site using a Web-based tool called SiteStudio. The program,
    provided by the foundation's Web host, was somewhat limited in capability, so
    Lam fell back on his programming skills.

    "I would just type in the HTML code for any special needs that the SiteStudio
    didn't handle," he said.

    Lam, who learned the Web design language "by playing around with it," used
    SiteStudio because it made it easy for Siegman to make changes himself without
    worrying about entering code.

    For Web design newcomers, Lam recommends starting with Microsoft's FrontPage,
    which lets users lay out a page in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get format. The
    corresponding HTML code is created automatically by the software.

    "It lets you drag and drop graphics and text," he said. "It's pretty good for

    Asked what technology has meant to him, Lam did not hesitate:

    "Technology does a lot, especially for people who have obstacles or special
    needs. You can do almost anything without leaving the house."


    Alex L. Goldfayn is a Buffalo Grove-based writer. To make a My Tech suggestion,

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