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Thread: Getting a mitronoff,terrified,any suggestions?

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    Getting a mitronoff,terrified,any suggestions?

    I'm having a mitronoff done in about a week. Does anyone have any pre or post op advice?
    How can I prepare, what's the best way to care for it afterwards?
    What should I expect?
    I'm a quad I should be able to do this on my own right?
    What's the best equipment to use?
    Will it leak much? Will I be able to bend or lay on my belly eventually?
    Are there still many instances of UTI's still?
    I just wanna know all I can!!
    Please help!

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    Your surgeon should have already instructed you in all of this. If not, refuse to sign the consent for surgery until he/she does so.

    In general, there is no real preparation other than for any other surgery.

    You will have an indwelling catheter in the stoma for about 2-3 weeks, then it will be removed and you start intermittent cath.

    Usually a 10-12 Fr. catheter is initially used. See if you can get hydrophilic (lubricious) catheters for this.

    Get catheters with a funnel end so you can attach a leg bag to the end for cathing in situations where draining directly to a toilet or into a urinal is not possible.

    The incidence of UTI would not be effected by the Mitrofanoff, as long as you cath at the volume and frequency your physician prescribes, and continue to take any anticholenergic meds prescribed based on urodynamics. You still need this test periodically with a Mitrofanoff.

    I am assuming you are having only a Mitrofanoff and not an augmentation too, is that correct?


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    Are they using your appendix or part of the intestine? They used the intestine for mine, and I have more mucus than I prefer, but with a gauze pad over it, it keeps my clothes clean and dry.
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