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Thread: Inside the mind of a virus writer

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    Inside the mind of a virus writer

    Female Hacker Packs Punch
    Exclusive: Meet 'Gigabyte,' the teen Belgian virus writer who nailed Microsoft's .Net. Find out more, Wednesday 4/24 at 8:30 p.m. Eastern on 'Tech Live.'
    By Rick Lockridge, Tech Live New York bureau chief

    'Gigabyte': A female hacker's story

    MECHLIN, Belgium -- She can kick your butt and wipe your hard drive cleaner than a dog's dinner plate. So when the young kickboxer and virus writer known as "Gigabyte" tells you she doesn't want her face on TV, well, you play along. Tonight's "Tech Live" tells her story.

    Tech Live

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    Belgian Law Bites Gigabyte

    Teenage,female virus writer busted in Belgium was famous for speaking out about coding exploits.
    By Becky Worley, Tech Live

    'Gigabyte': A female hacker's story
    The 19-year-old female virus writer known as Gigabyte got an unexpected Valentine's Day gift this year. She was arrested Feb. 14 in her hometown of Mechelen, Belgium.



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