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Thread: SCINetUSA Website

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoki83 View Post
    I have tried to donate on Facebook over the past few weeks but have not been able to as I cannot find the donate button anymore. Is this just me not seeing it or has something changed on there? Could someone please help me out with this? Thanks...

    I'm trying to figure out what is wrong.
    You can also donate here-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young View Post
    After finishing his PhD with me, Kai Liu joined a group at Harvard, headed by Zhigang He. They discovered that a gene called PTEN controls the ability of corticospinal neurons in the cortex to regenerate. If PTEN is knocked out or inactivated by other messengers such as mTOR, corticospinal tracts undergo robust regeneration. PTEN itself acts through other messenger systems such as GSK-3b. He's group has been working on manipualting mTOR. Our group has been working on GSK-3b which is inhibited by lithium (which also stimulates regeneration).
    Dr.Wise,what kind of spinal cord damage will need such therapy as the only chance to restore its nerve conduction? Thanks a lot.

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    Dr.Wise,don't consider my question as kind of irony or something,-all this subject is too "nervous" and dramatic and in this case any irony is biting irony.What I ask is what I want will be cleared up.Because you say that"At the present, we do not have any plans to apply this therapy because it involves insertion of a gene with viruses and much work still remains to be done to ensure the safety of this procedure",I wonder whether this technique that to me looks highly promising and even revolutionary is crucial for curing all SCI types or will target some specific spinal damage more than others.If you don't have plans to try it in upcoming human trials which substituted method you'll use for corticospinal neurons substitution? The sooner you'll demonstrate substantial improvement in patients' condition the faster many lives,ruined by this ugly SCI,will get their second birth.Make SCI a history and thus go down in history.

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    Dr.Wise,this ominous silence is frightening,say something.

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    Dr.Wise,if you do not have any plans to go down in history,I do not insist.But don't create this needless suspense,-you undertook to play rather difficult and imposing high responsibility role,so play it with dignity,don't pose as outraged innocence.Have no wish to give a reply-say that,without performing melodramatic pauses;it also is not such a big pleasure almost every time having by forse to draw out your revelations.Ah!I have nothing against Methylprednizolone,I even like him.

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    Kivi...not sure about the others but I feel Dr Young's time is better spent in the lab and collaborating with other scientists than on this site.

    If you have an urgent need I have found it helpful to communicate with Jim, he works with Wise and can usually tell you when Wise is traveling, available, etc..

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    Quote Originally Posted by SharonD View Post
    I feel Dr Young's time is better spent in the lab and collaborating with other scientists than on this site.
    Completely agree on this.

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    kivi66, you "even like him", but keep bugging him anyway. "Bugging" -- because you can easily find answers to many of your questions if you keep up with/search the forum. Search for adinovirus, for example to see why gene insertion technology is not ready. Then, you give give him a lecture about how he could go down in history... Such likeness/love would be very annoying to most people.

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    Quad62 ,there is an argumentation in my posts for my statements,I weigh what I say.And I do not actually ask him questions...

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    Below is a link to a medical research company's website.
    They're holding a "best idea" contest in which the top five vote getters are flown to California to present their idea to a board of people who can make it happen.

    This idea was submitted by Steven Edwards, the administrator of Care Cure, and we all need to vote on it because it concerns us and many others in similar situations.

    All you have to do is click the link, read the idea, then click "I like this".
    And it would be cool if you forwarded this e-mail or just send the link to everyone you can.
    Voting ends September 23 and there are already a few ideas with hundreds of votes, so cast yours now!

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