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    So after being off m y meds for about 2 years, Im gearing up to start again. From going off of the lyrica and the horrible withdrawals I had, I decided to go on neurontin. my neuro had no prob prescribing my the new med, but stated that lyrica does the same at lower mg. So any thoughts? Has anyone tried both, and if so what differences, if any, occured? Any thoughts, replies appreciated.

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    05s - you can't really compare different drugs mg to mg. Yes, neurontin dosing is higher if one compares them, the lyrica dosing is from 150mg to 600mg per day. Neurontin can be dosed from 800 to ....2400mg. But, again, it is not a valid or useful comparison.
    Some people do well with one or the other. My experience was that I had greater side effects and less effectiveness from Neurontin. Lyrica worked incredibly well for me. I think it is fine to try it and see if it works for you like the lyrica did. Neurontin certainly is cheaper.
    Why did you go off the Lyrica in the first place if it was working, may I ask?

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    I went off meds due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Now that my 1 year old is weaned I really need to start again, so I went to my neuro to see about getting the scrips again.

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