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Thread: Oxycodone Withdrawal

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    I was looking for some good articles on the treatment of pain with opiates, haven't had time to find a lot yet, but here is one. It is old, and mostly refers to cancer pain - but I suspect it is very relevant to neuropathic pain as well.

    A few quotes:

    "Unrelieved pain destroys a person's quality of life 1) and is one of the driving forces behind interest in physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia "

    "The fear of addiction to opioid analgesics appears to be based on the widespread misperception that physical dependence is the same as addiction. Thus, the use of opioids to treat pain even cancer pain may lead to addiction. The fear of addiction comes from years of misinformation about opioids14)15), and has been reinforced in some countries by national antidrug campaigns that ignore the medical benefits of opioids13)16). "

    "We have been so effective in warning the medical establishment and the public in general about the inappropriate use of opiates that we have endowed these drugs with a mysterious power to enslave that is overrated17)."

    "Failure to distinguish between addiction and physical dependence increases the risk that cancer patients will not receive adequate pain relief and will therefore suffer unnecessarily. It is common for people who are trapped between their concern about addiction and their desire to relieve pain to say "So what if they are addicted, they are going to die anyway". This putatively humanitarian approach is entirely inappropriate because it perpetuates a faulty definition of addiction, it unjustly labels the pain patient as an addict, and in any case will probably not result in adequate pain relief because uncorrected knowledge about addiction and opioids will likely impede the kind of aggressive opioid therapy that some patients need. "

    While it was some time ago, while my mother was dying of cancer, at one point they removed her opiates, with the medical folks saying "But it is SO addictive". Even as a very young person (not knowing the difference between addiction and physical dependance), my common sense response was "Who cares, she's DYING". Response: "Oh. I guess you're right". Doh. Then she got the drugs.

    Such a useful and safe class of medications, IF used properly.

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    sometimes surgeons screw up...leave you with horrible pain they won't admit is their fault...won't be responsible for prescribing pain meds cause they refuse to admit they screwed ask for help from Primary Doc..they dismiss you.."DRUG SEEKER" nothing will relieve the pain come full circle to no fault of patient their label becomes true.
    Sorry for the rant.

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    Drug seeker. Just what IS a drug seeker?

    I suspect most people in pain are "seeking drugs" that will relieve their pain.

    Just as people with any other medical condition, are "seeking drugs" to treat that medical condition.

    So absolutely, pain patients are "drug seekers". So what.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TAM63 View Post
    Drug seeker. Just what IS a drug seeker?

    I suspect most people in pain are "seeking drugs" that will relieve their pain.

    Just as people with any other medical condition, are "seeking drugs" to treat that medical condition.

    So absolutely, pain patients are "drug seekers". So what.
    Work in any ER and know this they label you according to triage before you see a clinician. fact.

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    Oh I know. I've bitten a few heads off (and I'm not even the patient).

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    I have no doubt that you're not addicted but you know what? NA will give you the tools and support you need to help get over that physical addiction.

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    Anyone who's never experienced "strong" opiate withdrawl can't possibly know how awful it is and I hope they never do.
    I think the mental is worse than the physical.
    I'm on 190mg Oxycontin, Oramorph & Diazepam each day and I've reduced quite alot too!
    When you want to come of something so strong as Oxy, you have to be ready, be prepared and get help with it. i.e sleeping pills for the awful nights sleep etc.

    I've withdrawn from Oxy, Morphine, Methadone, Buprenorphine plus others!! and the only way is the slow way.

    All the best.
    C-5 incomplete , walking with crutches. In controlled pain. Respect to all SCI people.

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    Pain patients on opiates are often labeled as addicts, though they usually aren't.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    Exactly. The ignorance is horrendous. I am so sorry that anyone has to deal with that.

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    Ken, I am so, so sorry you're having to go through withdrawal. It's a painful, horrific experience, and I hope you're not alone as you face this. I'm with you in spirit, friend -- wish to god I could do more for you to ease you through this.

    TAM63, I am now officially in love with you. Can't begin to express how much I appreciate you jumping in to once again reiterate that there is a difference between addiction (a mental condition) and dependence (a physical condition). It frustrates me to no end to see how many people in chronic pain have been conditioned to believe that their reliance on opioids to maintain any quality of life constitutes an addiction. I strongly believe that we don't stand a chance with educating the physicians who treat us, let alone the public at large, that we rely on these medications in the same way cancer patients do until we start using the proper language -- i.e, stop referring to our reliance on narcotics as addiction and instead call it what it is, a physical dependence.

    Jon (Arndog), hopefully you already know how much I respect you, but your posts here necessitate that I tell you again how much I appreciate you sharing your experiences and perspectives. You summed up my feelings about my use of opiates for pain relief so eloquently -- it is absolutely a love/hate relationship.

    I have no doubt I am physically dependent on my pain meds -- missing a dose can cause both of my legs to start severe spasms that only subside when the missed dose is taken. I love having something -- anything -- that will help control my pain to a point at which I can do something other than lay in bed and cry. I despise the fact that I must grovel before TPTB (currently, a rogue pharmacist more so than a doctor) to get that help. I am angry that I must live in fear of not having these meds anymore because someone has confused my physical dependence with a mental need. I find it wrong that I am not allowed to refill my prescriptions for opiates until I am out because there are assholes out there who abuse these meds and who are tainting my legitimate need for these drugs with their illegal and immoral behaviors. And I dislike the fact that others, even some who should know better and have more understanding, try to make me feel bad for using a legal medication prescribed by a pain specialist.

    Thanks for the opportunity to rant a little bit.
    It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

    ~Julius Caesar

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