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Thread: another doc, no answers

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    another doc, no answers

    5th doc since april for pelvic pain. i am so miserable. i don't know how to go on. central pain, abdominal pain, now this. i'm getting desperate.

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    You've seen a uro-gynecologist? That's who helped me.
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    Sorry Cass, a recurring story here for too many and you have struggled mightily for far too long. All I can do is wish you peace and some respite. Good luck and hope you find some help.


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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    You've seen a uro-gynecologist? That's who helped me.
    yes. she did the uterine equivalent of cystoscopy, hystoscopy or whatever it's called. all ok. i have another appt. with gyn who specializes in pelvic pain. she'll be 6th doc. the uro referred me to first gyn. physiatrist referred me to 2nd gyn. GI doc says there's really nothing he can do about pelvic pain and the worsening abdominal pain may just be because of sci and aging. he gave me prolisec but i don't expect much help from that.

    thanks, bill. i know you're hurting bad, too. a tough club to be in.

    btw, i found this article interesting. it actually acknowledges the pain rather than lamenting not walking.

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