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Thread: Ms attack opinions please

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    Snuz, I am at a lose on your problems. I can only think of two things. First, unless cleared by your neuro those who have stabilization surgery of the spine should not have "adjustments" by chirpractors. The other is you said that the change in feeling is moving from upwards? That tends to be related to Guillame Barre Syndrome if you're looking at disease causes. But with most your symptoms in the chest/waist area I'd be asking the neuro about the degeneration going on.

    WFE, the "stop" medication used is Solumedrol (brand name) also called methylprednisolone and sometimes just "steroids". Many have bad reactions to steroids most often when a second round is given later on during the MS disease progression. MS is a bigger concern in northern climates as MS is more prevalent the further from the Equator you get.
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    Yes, I know about that medication but they had others too and sometimes they use chemo.
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