I am having a relapse (in 14 years I've had one MS attack this bad and that was my first one). I suppose I've been in a wheelchair for 5 years because I broke my hip and arm on the same side and lost so much strength and ability had foot drop then lost my hip flexors. With this I could no longer roll over in bed or walk at all. Then in the past months my legs got heavier and felt like the were full of sand. The past weeks my feet felt even heavier/fuller then my ankles, calves and on up to my waist. The past week my legs started going dead the same way in the last two days my skin is dead to the touch up to my waist in the back and up to my belly in the front.
The only thing that has changed is I had to double my Gabapentin to 600mg 3x day and go up 5mg baclofen 3x day. That dosage made me drive my power chair into walls so I cut it down by 300mg of gabapentin and 10mg baclofen a day. Anyway, anyone experienced this?
Today it progressed quickly the only thing added was a seasonal flu shot.

I do have a really tender spot along my spine just above the waist when this first started my D.O. sent me for a cauda equina MRI which turned out o.k. Thoughts