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Thread: Do you have pain from bad weather?

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    Do you have pain from bad weather?

    I have recently moved, 2 months ago, to Menton, France because my fiance is attending University in Monaco and I tagged along for the year. I used to have to smoke weed 3-4 times a day to relieve the nerve and spasms in my leg. I have been here for 2 months now and I have not needed it, not one time!! The weather is very temperate it doesn't rain and it stays warm all day. If you can find a place like this then I suggest trying it for awhile and see what happens. I wish I came here years ago.
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    Hi Able Chef

    Yes, I have pain from bad weather, but I have come to think of it a little differently. I consider it a reflection of CHANGE in the temperature. As the seasons progress, my skin has a hard time adjusting to the fluctuating range of temperatures and so it becomes more hyperpathic. It is not a day to day thing for me, but rather a combined result of my skin being unable to get used to new temperatures. It is more like a slow version of the instant agony should a blast from a car air conditioner hit my legs in summer.

    The humidity is also a part of this, as for all I know the barometric pressure as well, as things are difficult when I go from say California to Utah.

    This is a poor description, but in Central Pain, poor descriptions is all you are ever going to get.

    Moderate temperatures are very beneficial, sometimes extremely beneficial. For me, San Francisco at certain times of the winter takes away the awful experience of being dutdoors or indoors in cold weather. It is almost certainly due to some aspect of hypersensitization of the skin, and I am glad you are getting along okay in Merton, although it sound VERy expensive.
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    yeah bad weather has me in bad pain with my arthritis and nerve pain. seasonal changes are the worst. i stink like bengay.
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    just have pain a lot randomly

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    love the warm weather when the sun is on my legs, makes a big difference. Hate the cold wet mornings that are here now as it makes the pain worse and the legs horrible

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    Sludge blood & arthritis makes my joints & muscles ache horribly in the chillier weather - the cold is even worse! I dread the fall & winter, even though they can be so pretty! The Barometer changing gives me terrible headaches, too. Ugh!

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    i can't take anymore! the cold damp weather is killing me. can anyone tell me were i can find 80 degrees with low humidity all year long? i can't wait for my girl's to finish school or spend another winter in my bedroom. after 9 years of neverending burning's probably better to move now.

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    Arizona or texas has the fewest cold days a year, I believe.

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    yup same here..
    Winter is miserable for the spasms and spasticity.

    Summertime Pain is descreased significantly.

    The funny thing is I went to Tampa, FL one year and I felt awful. It was warm but the humidity was killing me. I am not sure where I can move to but if I can find a place with no humidity and around 80 degress F year around I am out of the midwest.

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    Shoulder/trapezius pain increases because I try to cover my ears with my shoulders.

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