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Thread: How often can I get a new wheelchair from BCBS?

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    It is intersting to read about the experiences people have with seemingly the same insurance. BC/BS is terribly restrictive in this area, and fuentejps reports that his experience has been as good as it gets. The problem with comparing is that insurances are usually administered by regional or even state offices. Coupled with the fact that most companies offer a variety of coverage plans results in wide differences. The bottom line is that for accurate information, you have to get it from the same area and be sure you are comparing similar policies/coverage.
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    I have change my axel twice but never my forks. But I am destroying the frame, suddenly my chair is going left or right and then I know the frame has gone. But I am changing tires and casters quite often, I changed them two weeks ago in the rehab. I changed my tires in May and in Nashville in June too.

    So I guess it is the curbs and cobblestone. And all the step people are dragging me up and down inside to the shops. I can go down two steps alone but not up without anything to hold in.
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