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Thread: Is this normal during a spinal tap??

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    This is definitely interesting... What do they do if you don't have someone to drive you home? Or rather, what are the consequences? I could take disabled transit back, but you know how they are--so it might be up to two hours that I'm waiting in my chair before I'd get a chance to lie down.

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    Make them let you stay horizontal for a while and no, please don’t sit more than necessary. I would find investment in a private ambulance home worth it (took one home from Kessler—about 1.5 hrs—only $200). And plan with your doctor to get a blood patch if you get the headache. Your brain rubbing on your scull* really hurts. My neuro went out of town and probably didn’t know asbout blood patches anyway, and I lost about 5 days each time. Did learn vodka and fiorinal go well together though.

    * Okay, just caught Wise's real explanattion, but mine is what it feels like.
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    I had 2 spinal taps several years back to rule out MS, when I started developing symptoms that were similar to it (it turns out, I had hereditary spastic paraparesis, a much rarer defect).

    They gave me numbing medicine before they did the tap, but it was still uncomfortable. After it was done, they had me lay flat for a couple hours to avoid a spinal headache (I've heard that this is common). I have no idea what the color of my fluid was, 'cause they didn't tell me and I didn't watch what they were doing. I just was trying to do deep relaxation and breathing, so I didn't tense up and move during the tap.

    (hereditary spastic paraparesis and L-4 SCI)

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    I get paranoid after getting the last one done .I spent 5 days in the hospital til they could get the blood patch to hold. Pain city

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    First one i had i did not feel a thing, so much so i had no idea he had even dont it or it was over lol. Second one exact opposite....pain, spasms like crazy til where the doctor was pissed at me! Never had a clogging issue, although on the second one he had to keep poking me using different size needles, they were bending...not sure why but i am guessing he had not much experience. The first one i had done was by a experienced spinal surgeon compared to a very young doctor that was rushed. BTW, i always watch my needle inserts on the floriscopy machine. LOL...I have had several epidurals and cortizone shots and i have always watched. (nosey is my only excuse) lol
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