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Thread: 11 months post injury

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    11 months post injury

    i am now 11 months post injury and i can walk on a walker or hand crutchs for short dis. i dont think i am getting much better. i walk every day but i dont seem to be improveing. i also have a little girl on the way and i am scard i want be able to make her happy. just like everyone else i would like to walk and function normal.

    do i still have a chance?
    keep your head up!

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    Hey goredeisel,

    You may or may not walk or function "normal". It's still very early on. Hey, I only discovered 14 years post that I could walk. That is because I was unaware of my potential until I learned, from this site, what other quads are doing. You're off to a great start. You'll have to keep working at it to see how far you get. The fact that you have muscles firing makes me think that you will keep progressing. Have you looked into programs like project walk?

    You can definitely make your daughter happy. Children are so adaptable. Their love is not conditional on whether you are walking.

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    i am also a quad. c5,6,&7. i just started thearpy at mcleod in florence S.C. i hope they can help me because me and my wife has done all my thearpy until now.
    keep your head up!

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    Of course you have a chance. It took me a long time to walk long distances, some years I think. Honestly, I don't remember those early years very well, selektive forgetness, is that a word?, but I did walk all the time and in my best years I could walk all day and as far as normale. I did not walk without a limp but I had a functional walk and never had a chair.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    He man, sounds like you're doing more than walking! Keep the therapy going and don't worry about the one on the way, she has a wonderful set of parents. Best of luck to you all!
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