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Thread: I am having a fundraiser for trials!!!

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    I am having a fundraiser for trials!!!

    so when i got hurt in 07. the year i graduated HS. my HS had a staff softball game with a DJ, raffles, food and beverages. we raised a lot of money that year!

    So this year when they have it this friday at my high school on staten island, i will be donating the money raised to "The CURE" US stem cell trials that Dr Young has been trying soo hard to start!!!

    My fundraiser is at 715 ocean terr. staten island, ny. 3-6 pm high school football field. admission is 10 bucks and all will be donated! Spread the word come! the more money raised the sooner a cure!!!!!!

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    Awesome MV!

    If you want flyers you can print out, email me and I'll forward.
    Also, we had banners made up, I can probably get you one to use.

    email me-

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    Way to go - good luck!
    Wife of Chad (C4/5 since 1988), mom of a great teenager

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    Thanks i hope i raise enough to make a large difference!!!

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    Good Luck!

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