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Thread: To botox, or not to botox? Is that the question?

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    Quote Originally Posted by karupt411 View Post

    I am in Ontario and waiting for Botox (should happen in one month). I have to pay for it though, about $1300. My insurance doesn't cover it.

    How did you get it covered? What's this about writing letters?? My docs have never told me about applying for coverage?

    Any help appreciated.

    Hi Jason, if Botox was deemed for medical use by a Urologist, Alberta Health coverage will cover it. I'm a squeaky wheel. if i don't get what i need, I squeak louder. I write letters to agencies, doctor and health care places to explain my need for it. Get your local Canadian Paraplegic Client Service coordinator to write a letter of support. (That's what I do for the CPA clients here in Edmonton.

    I think it never hurts to ask. There are always exceptions to rules and regulations.
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    Thanks China, I will definitely look into that...I think I was a close-second to Niagara Falls for fluid output (sigh)...where there's a will, there's a way...just tired of having to fight to get everything.

    ...and while I have your attention, was just turned down for a Cat C...only approved for B. They are appealing it but in the meantime, am looking into a loan.

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    In my ever ending search for a bladder spasm medication I have tried almost everything on the market and just recently started taking Toviaz (fesoterodine fumarate) I take two of the 8mg a day and I have cut down on my leaking to nearly zero and reduced the number of times that I have to intermitently cath in half. The stuff is not cheap but my insurance pays all but about $65.00 U.S. so that helps but you can go to Pizers website and I believe you can request a free sample or maybe your Urologist can obtain a free sample for you. Whatever you decide good luck as leaking has been one of the biggest issues that I have had to address in the 7 plus years of this new life.

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    fyi after our first round of botox injections for the bladder we have no change in leakage what we did experience though is AD for the first time since the accident and pretty severe with less servere episodes since.....very scary. would have liked to try a second round of botox with a higher dosage and possibly more injections but we are now worried about AD. damned if we do damed if we don't

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    Sorry to hear about that, new dimension. I have a friend who recently received 4 vials of botox for spasms in her legs...ended up with worse spasms and botulism...go figure!

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    Botox will not enlarge a contracted bladder that is permanantly shrunken, which can be the cause of low capacity and high pressures even in the absence of bladder spasm. An augmentation would be needed to treat that problem.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Botox will not enlarge a contracted bladder that is permanantly shrunken, which can be the cause of low capacity and high pressures even in the absence of bladder spasm. An augmentation would be needed to treat that problem.

    Can you confirm if there is a test or a method to confirm if a bladder has become fibrotic? IE if botox is likely to be unsuccessful? Urodynamics shows the signs of a shrunken bladder but how would you know if botox would work or not without spending the $$$$$?

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    A combination of urodynamics and cystoscopy can confirm if your bladder is signficantly contracted or just very spastic.


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    Does Medicare cover botox? I go to see my urlogist about this tomorrow. I take 30mg of oxybutynin now a day, but still spasm at 250-300cc and will start to leak. Or should I maybe try instilling oxybutynin as a first step before botox?

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    The last I checked, Medicare is still not covering bladder Botox, although this can be appealed as with any Medicare denial.

    We always try to maximize all other therapies PRIOR to going for Botox for the bladder, so if you have not yet tried intravesical oxybutinin, you may want to do that first. One problem is the the brand name Ditropan is no longer being made, and the generics don't seem to dissolve as easily (at least not in our experience).


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