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Thread: To botox, or not to botox? Is that the question?

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    To botox, or not to botox? Is that the question?

    Since my discharge in July, my bladder has continued to be wonky and unreliable. Aside from cathing every 4 hours (and even then, I'm still constantly incontinent), I don't know what else to do.

    I found out on Monday through my neurologist that the dr. who interpreted the urodynamics recommended physiatrist never mentioned that to me and when I brought it up to him at my follow-up yesterday, he was like "oh yeah, he did say that."

    Anyhow, as I wait to see the urologist, it seems that all 4 of my doctors (PCP, Neuro, Physiatrist and Urologist) are pushing the botox. It's an out of pocket expense and if my funding-source won't cover it, I won't be able to have it. I want to know for the rest of you, if you were constantly incontinent (yes I'm on meds--detrol and Elavil), which of the other options would you use for second choice? Just want to go to the appointment armed with some information.

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    4 doctors are pushing it? I am not sure if anyone else has any better ideas but if the medical people say it will work it is worth it.

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    We consider Botox when all other usual measures for dealing with instability (leakage) and high pressures fail. This would include all the appropriate anticholergic medications, alone or in combination, as well as imipramine, cutting out caffeine, and being sure that cath volumes are not too hight. Botox is expensive if not covered by your insurance, but can last for up to 18-24 months for some before needing to be redone. We consider this the last stop before going to the more extreme measure of doing a bladder augmentation surgery.

    Use the terms "bladder" and "Botox" in our search feature here and you will find many previous discussions of experiences with this option.


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    don't stall get botox asap. it's temporary so no harm if it doesn't work. In canada, it's about $1200 and well worth it. if you wait too long then your bladder may become fibrotic and then you are looking at an augment. if i could turn back the clock to where you are, i'd strip naked and ask when can the botox procedure begin. PM me if you have questions.

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    ...and can it hit that fast? I'm only 7 months post-injury. I have no doubt that it should be effective, the problem is that I can't pull money out of a hat, either. If I could, I'd say lets do it...but my children need to eat...

    My cath volumes are almost never above 300, I've been chronically dehydrated, because drinking doesn't increase the volume, it increases the frequency. Short of getting into bed every 1.5-2 hours, I don't know what else to do.

    Thanks for the tip to search the forums, not sure why I didn't think about that in the first place.

    Have a good night.

    ...I will not augment, I will NOT augment, I will not augment...
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    I love the Botox injections. They wear out in less than 1 year, in me, though. I wish they lasted up to 2 years!! Nothing has improved my post-sci experience as much as Botox in my bladder, frankly.

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    I really hope that I can pull the funding for this! Anyhow, I guess I shouldn't put the cart before the horse and wait to see what happens when I see the urologist...though there seems to be a unanimous "do it!" among them.

    What's the common way of controlling the pain for this? Do they tend to prefer epidurals over general anaesthesia?

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    I've been getting botox for a few years not. Usually having it redone every 6-7 months. Pretty easy procedure for me. I don't have any sensation so don't feel any pain from it. They do put some stuff in my bladder for 20 minutes to numb it & then the botox itself doesnt even take 5 minutes. Afterwards I go on with my day like nothing even happened.

    My insurance has always paid for it.
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    Khaleeka, I've been getting B for a few years, I believe it helps. Let me know if you need help with applying for funding or write request letters.
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    I am in Ontario and waiting for Botox (should happen in one month). I have to pay for it though, about $1300. My insurance doesn't cover it.

    How did you get it covered? What's this about writing letters?? My docs have never told me about applying for coverage?

    Any help appreciated.


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