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Thread: freqent utis, now kidney stones

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    OMG, this is getting long! I read that you can get septic if they shatter infected stones via sound waves, if they don't have you on the correct antibiotic.Just another thing you need to know, should it come to that. I'm still hoping the acid and olive oil will cause you to pass them though!

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    Your ureters are smooth muscle, like your bladder, and unlike your skeletal (striated) muscles in your legs and arms, not really effected much by baclofen. Anticholenergics such as Ditropan will help much more with ureter spasm, although we use an old remedy when bladder or ureter spasm is a problem. That is B&0 (belladona and opium) suppositories. These are a controlled drug and require a prescription, and should only be used for a couple of days as they can cause physical dependence with long term use.

    If you do intermittent cath, a stone may pass into your bladder but it may not be small enough to pass through the catheter. If you have kidney stones and they "disappear" it is important to look for them in the bladder before assuming they are gone completely.

    Cranberry juice can actually increase your risks for some stones, specifically those made of calcium oxalate, which are fairly common in people with SCI. Cranberries and cranberry juice or capsules are also high in oxalates.

    In addition to the measures that Dr. Young described above, we often have to insert a small catheter percutaneously (from the skin of the flank) into the kidney in interventional radiology and then use Renecidin to continuously irrigate the kidney pelvis. Over 1-2 weeks sometimes this will dissolve the stone enough so that it will pass down the ureter, preventing the need for open surgery on the kidney to remove the stone.

    Stones in the bladder and ureter are easier to remove now days with better cystoscopic and ureterscopic procedures as well as laser vaporization done through a cystoscope.


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    An old fashioned remedy is to mix about a desertspoon of cider vinegar with a teaspoon of honey in a cup of hot water and take every day. Its worked for me and others. Cider vinegar is very good to detox the system, and honey is also very healing.

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    thanks everyone! Its is so frustrating. I just talked to the urologist office and here when I finished up the bactrum 800mg I thought I was uti Free. Which it came back possitive! suprise suprise! but its gotten worse since then and they just called and said I needed on antibiotics and they were giving me bactrum 100mg. And if I am not uti free they will cancel my urodemics? They also gave me a script to get xrays of my kidneys? I'm worried about doing any of the home remedy things b/c I do get Autonomic with my bladder when it gets full. should I be ok with doing the vinegar and honey? or any of the other ones??
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    Why more bactrim, if it already didn't work? You need a culture and sensitivity done, first. I wouldn't try home remedies while on antibiotics. Go ahead for the x-ray, to look for stones. No sense worrying about the urodynamics until you're infxn free, which probably won't happen until you're stone-free imo.

    You could submit urine for culture and sens., try home remedy until you get correct antibiotics., take them and see what happens?

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    From my undersanding of antibiotics and I am open to correction the more you take them the less effective they get as your immune system gets used to them. A little old lady I know suffered from frequent kidney and uti problems, her doctor prescribed antibiotic, it cleared up only to return,and again antibiotic was given..this went on for a while. She then took cider vinegar in honey and hot water(not ordinary vinegar) every morning first thing..she never needed an antibiotic again. Look up cider vinegar and the benefits it has, it has many healing properties. It may work for you or it may not. I myself find it very good.

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    I know I did this once already but it is really great stuff.

    Here are some links for D-Mannose they tell how it works and useful it is one even speaks for those with SCI. It is all natural and does not even effect diabetes either.

    I use the 500 mg caps it works out to the same price at Vitamin Cottage.

    Links about D-Mannose

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    thanks guys! I def will try the cider vin. and honey! I love vinegar as it is!!! Yes I've heard that too about the antibiotics, and have thought that myself antibiotic one after another and higher and higher mg each time. Just frustrating.

    That D-Mannose do you take it and what is it for? uti's or kidney stones. I will look up those websites, they prob have those answers for me....

    bethany I know, that's what I was tryin to tell the urologist but? Idk just doesn't seem to get it that if I have these stones (which I saw them) I will not stop having uti's til they are gone. but? Hopefully this xray will help and they will be able to do something to stop these utis!!
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