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Thread: bladder augmentation & drinking volumes

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    bladder augmentation & drinking volumes

    Hello people!

    I had a bladder augmentation “clam” approx. 1 month ago where I spent 3 weeks in a big general hospital recovering and having fun dealing with the after effects of “picolax”.

    My questions are about drinking volumes etc.

    I am home now trying to recover and get a routine going again.

    As I had a 2 hour trip home after being discharged from hospital I decided that I wouldn’t drink a lot to avoid having to cath in the vehicle on the way home (I often did this pre-aug).

    As soon as I got home I started drinking. I probably drank 1.5 ltrs of tea, coffee & water between 6-11pm.
    Now I thought this would be enough to get a good cath result. (by golly it usually would be pre-op!)

    I tried 4-5 times between 9pm-12am to get urine out, but I couldn’t get a damn drop out!
    I could feel a hardness in the surgery area and I began to panic and imagined all sorts of damage being done. So I phoned the on call Dr and he decided to put up an urethral catheter and sent me at 2am in an ambulance to the local general hospital, where I lay awake & confused on a trolley worried about pressure sores until 6am.

    During that time on the trolley I had passed 300mls into the urethral bag (where was that 1.5ltrs of tea, coffee & water I kept thinking?).

    Anyway I was sent home over the weekend with the urethral plus a course of anti-biotics, and drank loads and passed loads of clear urine!

    I returned to the local hospital yesterday where they took out the urethral, and after what seemed like drinking gallons and gallons of water (3 Ltrs) started getting good volumes by ISC again.
    After a day and night of drinking a lot and passing a lot via ISC on the hospital ward, I am now home again.

    I’ve drank loads today since 4pm and only just managed to pass a decent 300mls an hour or so ago (8pm).

    My urologist said because the surgery is still new not to drink “too much” and not go more than “3-4” hrs inbetween caths.

    Other than figuring this out I feel reasonably ok.

    Q. How do I get this balance right, does an augmented bladder fill very very slowly, can anyone give any insight?
    Q. Is it normal to drink so much and have to wait such a long time for good volumes to filter through?
    Q. With 'average' day to day drinking how many hours can the "average" augmented bladder go before ISC is required?

    Also while I'm at it,
    Any tips for lessening the mucous, I'm a bit taken aback at how thick and catheter blocking it can get.

    All new to me folks so I’d very much appreciate some feedback at the moment!
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    I had the same aug. done so you need to wait until you are well before you drink so much.
    You might have to get a real big syringe at first to clean out your bladder for a while, with sterile water. The mucus is normal. It will never go away but it will get a little less as time goes by. It will be normal for the mucus to smell because it comes from part of the intestine
    that they used.
    My cath still gets clogged up sometimes after 5 yrs. so I push on my bladder a little and if the pee don't come out I pull it out so the mucus will go down the cath or I will move it around a bit.
    If you drink alot you will need to cath at least every 4 to 5 hours.
    Just give your bladder time to heal.
    It's good that you can feel the hardness of you bladder.
    Good luck.
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    Your physician should have instructed you about the need to irrigate the mucous from your bladder 2-3X daily after your augmentation. I suspect that you are producing urine, but not leaking much (which is one goal of having an augmentation) and that when you are cathing the mucous is clogging your catheter. Call your physician back and get supplies (irrigation sets, normal saline solution, etc.) and instruction in how to do this.


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    I haven't had bladder augmentation surgery but I find that my kidneys are haphazard about when they produce urine. Sometimes large volumes in the morning sometimes in the afternoon , sometimes at night! It doesn't seem to relate to what, when or how much I have had to drink.
    You could factor this type of kidney function into your expectations, as well as all the good advice above.

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    Thanks for your replies.

    Yes I have been shown how to irrigate through the ISC.
    I have a 50ml syringe and push about 30mls in then pull out back to the 50mls level.

    I did this earlier after failing to get a drop out with the ISC. I was aware that there'd be mucous, but not to the extent where you fail to get urine out at all.
    As soon as I did the irrigation a lot of gunk came out, then I passed 500mls.

    I'm finding it disturbing that I'm going to have to use a syringe every time I ISC, this is going to make life very very complicated. I could cath anywhere before, now it seems I'm allways going to need a syringe, oh dear...

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    Often the amount of mucous decreases after 6 months or so, but you will always have some. Most people eventually irrigate 1-2X daily, but initially it may need to be 3-4X daily. You should be cathing at least 5-6X daily.


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    ohhh man. i can't wait to have mine done this winter. maybe i'll just int. cath every hour for the rest of my life to keep my pressures low.

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    Quote Originally Posted by karupt411 View Post
    ohhh man. i can't wait to have mine done this winter. maybe i'll just int. cath every hour for the rest of my life to keep my pressures low.
    It's early for me yet, but if I were you I'd definatley explore ALL alternatives. I asked about every alternative but was advised only this or a sphyncterotomy would help, toughest choice of my life...

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    If going through this procedure, would a Mitrofanoff (sp?) valve not be something worth considering? ...or is that more useful for a female?

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    I am a little over 1 year post from an augmentation with a mitrofanoff, created from intestine due to previously removed appendix. In the first several months, so much mucus was produced that a collection of it formed a ball, resulting in lower bladder capacity. Once water blasted by my surgeon, and the passing of time, I flush my bladder now about once a week, although flushing 2-3 syringes at a time for thoroughness. I still produce more mucus than I ever anticipated, but it has decreased and is quite manageable. Glad I had it done.
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