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Thread: I'm so frigin upset my IHSS hours just got cut by 30%

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    Since this change in IHSS is at the state level and not the federal level, you would do much more by contacting the Govinator's office and your state assemblyperson and state senator than you will get by contacting Ms. Feinstein, who is a Senator.

    Ordinarily I agree with you 100% KLD... Recording a request @ the Federal level 1st and then forwarding response or lack there of....then approaching regional representation concerns works.
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    Fortunately the courts have sent the Govinator back to the capitol to find some other way to save money for the state other than on the backs of the elderly and PWD who depend on IHSS to stay in their own homes. Word is that he will be trying a different tack to "get" IHSS in the spring, but for now he will not be allowed to cut funding (see CA forum here for link to news article on this).


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    Sorry to hear about this a quad friend of mine lost hours and they said it was to allow more people on the program. Well actually they let more people on the program and then the budget was not increased so they ask for a voluntary cut in hours to serve more clients. This is scary the program I am on seems secure but no guarantees in life.

    Best of luck,


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